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OPPO AX7 - Waterdrop screen and 4230mAh battery smartphone OPPO AX7 - Waterdrop screen and 4230mAh battery smartphone

Waterdrop Screen
When technology meets nature

OPPO AX7 adopts the industry-first waterdrop screen design, backed by several technological advances, reflecting nature like a water droplet on the verge of dropping. Plus, the robust corning glass supports an 89.4% screen ratio, providing resistance to scratches, while offering a more immersive experience.

OPPO AX7 - Waterdrop screen

Stylish Color
Impressive at every angle

We apply the concept of contrasting beauty in aesthetics to product design, bringing together two on-trend colours, Glaring Gold & Glaze Blue. A first in the industry, the 3D heat-curved sheet & grating pattern on the back casing create a premium look, in harmony with the smooth feel of the central frame.

OPPO AX7 - Colour

Compacted Structure
Comfortable handling

Anti-reflective coating is added to the OPPO AX7 to increase the overall screen brightness by 35% - the view is impressive from any angle you look at. Also, a low-voltage backlight reduces the phone temperature by 0.5 °C while a magnesium alloy allows the battery to dissipate heat more efficiently. All these efforts contribute to better performance and handling.

OPPO AX7 - Compact design

4230mAh Battery
Get through the day with ease

A huge 4230mAh battery capacity frees you from the concern of battery drain during your day. In addition, smart and thoughtful AI battery management freezes inactive apps and reduces excess caching to save more power.

OPPO AX7 - 4230mAh battery

Qualcomm Octa-core CPU
Powerful as always

OPPO AX7 uses Qualcomm's octa-core processor so that the system does not lag when you are immersed in a movie or game, and multitasking becomes faster and easier. Enhanced memory also empowers you to store more precious memories.


16MP Front Camera

The 16MP front camera with HDR mode makes your selfies clearer even in harshly backlit conditions. Also, the wide angle and large aperture configuration capture extra details for more impressive photos.

OPPO AX7 - 16MP front camera

Dual Rear Camera
Shoot as an artist

The dual rear camera (13MP+2MP), together with AI beauty technology, offers studio-quality portraits with an even more accurate bokeh effect to make you stand out like a star. In addition to photos, the multi-frame image stabilisation technology makes your videos more fluid and vivid.

OPPO AX7 - Dual rear camera

AR Stickers
Add fun to your photos

New music stickers and the option to add stickers in the foreground and background areas of images breathe new life into your photos, making them more interesting and fun.

OPPO AX7 - AR sticker

ColorOS 5.2
Smart and Efficient

Based on Android 8.1, the upgraded ColorOS system provides a smarter, more efficient and convenient user experience, be it the Smart Bar which supports multi-tasking operations or Music on Display which offers a more immersive experience.

OPPO AX7 - ColorOS 5.2


OPPO AX7 Media Review
"Their latest release is the OPPO AX7, a midrange smartphone that boasts elegant aesthetics and an overall high quality build which really makes it stand out from other similar priced products."
"Trendy, sexy and affordable. That's the end... Review complete. Much like every other OPPO phone, the OPPO AX7 tows the company line of being a wonderfully cheap, up-to-date smartphone that is perfect for anyone without an ego complex."
Available from
OPPO AX7 Prices Start From $299, Now $279


1. OPPO AX7 utilizes third-generation corning glass for the screen.

2. Screen ration of 89.4% is calculated by the projected area of screen display versus the projected area of CG.

3. OPPO AX7 utilizes a typical battery value of 4230mAh.

4. OPPO AX7 adopts 13MP+2MP lens for the dual rear cameras.

5. The maximum output is 12.98MP. The actual output of pixel shall be subject to the settings.

6. The 0.5° temperature and the 35% brightness of the mobile phone screen decrease are based on specific test conditions.

7. Product images are included for reference only. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please refer to the actual product manual for details. The data used on this website is obtained from OPPO’s technical parameters, test data from laboratories as well as third-party suppliers. Actual product data may differ slightly, depending on testing software versions and environments.