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4230mAh Battery, Waterdrop Screen

Waterdrop Screen

Wider your view

The vibrant display features a striking 6.2-inch Corning
Gorilla Glass screen, enabling you to view more of what you love in a truly immersive experience.

OPPO A5s - waterdrop screen

Classic Colour

Designed with you in mind

Just like a diamond is timeless, the OPPO AX5s comes in two classic colourways, Red
or Black. Show your inner artistic temperament with flare and style.

OPPO A5s - classic color
OPPO A5s - classic color
OPPO A5s - classic color
OPPO A5s - classic color

4230mAh Battery

A long-lasting battery keeps you enjoying every moment with your phone.
Whether you’re playing games, listening to music or watching movies, now you can do want you want for longer.

OPPO A5s - 4230mAh battery


Smoother experience

With the upgraded CPU, you can multi-task like never before. Even
if you’re playing games or running many heavy tasks, enhanced operation speeds mean that response times are immediate and seamless.

OPPO A5s - upgraded cpu

Fingerprint Unlock

Unlock in a moment

Wake up the phone with just a touch on any occasion.

OPPO A5s - fingerprint unlock

Dual Rear Camera

Capture every precious moment

Make your portrait shots perfect with the amazing depth-of-field bokeh effect which
effortlessly frames your subject to be the focal point of the shot.

OPPO A5s - dual rear camera

AI Beautification 2.0

Shape your beauty

Based on advanced AI technology and gradual machine-learning, the OPPO AX5s
will capture your most naturally optimised selfies yet after accurate analysis and careful adjustment.

OPPO A5s - ai beautification 2.0

AR Stickers

Personalise your moments

Show your fun side and add a personal touch to your chats with
a range of unique AR stickers.

OPPO A5s - ar stickers

Smart Bar

More convenient multitasking

Smart Bar enables you to switch between apps, transfer files, reply to messages,
or take screenshots while busily tending to other tasks such as playing games or watching videos.

OPPO A5s - smart bar
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1.      The screen uses Gorilla Glass 3.

2.      6.22 inches is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are taken to be pointed corners.

3.      OPPO AX5s utilizes a typical battery value of 4230mAh.

4.      OPPO AX5s features 2 memory options, 3GB RAM + 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM. Availability is subject to the retailer.

Product images are provided for reference only. Actual product may differ. Some product specifications may be liable to change due to OEM changes and other unforeseen circumstances; please refer to the final product for information. Except where stated, all data provided is based on OPPO design parameters and lab and OEM testing. Actual usage will differ from test cases based on differences in software and product versions as well as usage environment.