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OPPO Enco W51

OPPO Enco W51 True Wireless Headphones

Noise off. World on.

Dual Technology for Both Crystal-Clear Music and Calls
The W51 headphones have achieved a unique breakthrough in noise reduction for both music and calls. By coordinating a total of 6 microphones with a deep noise reduction algorithm, your wireless earphone experience will never be the same.
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In-Depth Noise Reduction for an Immersive Experience
The W51 come equipped with a new dual-core digital noise reduction chip and more advanced hybrid noise reduction microphones. They are intelligently optimized to detect and reduce every day noises1, such as from subways and trains. With a noise reduction depth of 35 dB2, you get an undisturbed listening experience.
Triple Microphone Noise Reduction for Clear and Carefree Calls
Each earphone comes equipped with triple microphone noise reduction technology and redesigned air ducts to prevent noises of wind. Whether you are in the subway, on the bus, or riding your bike, even a single earphone will capture your voice clearly.
Be Free with Wireless Charging
OPPO's first true wireless headphones that support Qi wireless charging. Charge the earphone box wirelessly3 by simply putting it on a charging mat and let the music flow.
*The W51 headphones do not come with a charging mat.
New Quality Compensation for Professional Audio Performance
OPPO’s first true wireless headphones to be equipped with a system-wide audio quality compensation algorithm to avoid loss of audio quality from noise reduction techniques. The W51 offer quality restoration of the audio for clean, uncompromised audio performance. Additionally, the headphones are equipped with Dual TPU composite graphene diaphragms to provide enhanced audio response and treble performance.
Bluetooth® 5.0 Provides a Fast, Stable, and Smooth Experience
The W51 headphones are powered by Bluetooth® 5.0 technology for faster and more stable audio transmission when faced with multiple sources of interference. They provide stable connection at up to 10 meters away for smooth music and calls even when your phone is not nearby.
Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth® Transmission for Lag-Free Transmission
The W51 adopt the newest Bluetooth® low-latency binaural transmission standard to greatly reduce any audio delay. This significantly improves audio-to-video synchronization, making audio lag and signal interference no longer an issue for your music and video experience.

Compatible with Android / iOS4

Supports both single and double headphones

Innovative Design That Reflects Night and Day
The W51 resonate with OPPO smartphone’s light lapse design inspired by nature. The floral white has a vivid texture when looked at closely while showing cyclical light and shadow shifts from afar for a stunning look at every angle. The starry blue gleams gold and the aqua blue has a metallic circular pattern with a linear gloss, embodying a variety of moods and lights.
Lightweight Comfort Like Wearing Air
In order to accomplish both comfort and high-quality noise reduction functionality, the W51 have undergone hundreds of rounds of structural design and adjustments. The combination of being tailor-made to fit in your ear with soft silicone tips lets you experience wearing air. You need to focus, only on the music.
Listen 4 Hours Every Day and Only Charge Once a Week
A 15-minute charge keeps the W51 on for 9 hours5 while a full charge lasts a full 24 hours. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety.
*Up to 20 hours listening time with ANC mode on, 24 hours listening time with ANC off
IP54 Rated Dust and Water Resistance
Structurally designed and certified for IP54 dust and water resistance6. Whether it is the gym or an outdoor commute, listen with peace of mind knowing your headphones are safe.
Intuitive Tap Controls for Easy Operations
A series of operations, such as quick pairing to your phone7, stopping the connection, skipping songs, picking up and ending calls, and summoning the voice assistant8 can all be done by tapping your headphones. You can also customize tap control shortcuts for more personalized experience.

*Customizing tap control is supported by OPPO smartphones running ColorOS version 7.0 or higher. (Some models will support this function when new versions are released.)

Tap left earphone twice:
Noise Reduction Switch

Tap right earphone twice:
Next Song

Tap three times on either earphone:
Wakes the Voice Assistant

OPPO Enco W51 True Wireless Headphones

Model ETI21
Product colors Floral White / Starry Blue
Model (charging case) ETI22
Driver 7mm dynamic driver
Driver sensitivity 103dB @1KHz
Frequency response range 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Microphone sensitivity -38 dBV/Pa
Bluetooth® version BT 5.0
Wireless range 10 m
Battery type Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity 25 mAh (headphones) /
480 mAh (charging case)
Music play time (50% volume) ANC on: 3.5h (single charge) / 20h (with charging case)
ANC off:4h (single charge) / 24h (with charging case)
Wired Charging time 80min (with charging case)
Wireless charging time 2.5h (with charging case)
Charging port USB Type-C
Dust and water resistance (headphones) IP54
Weight (Entire device) 55.5g
  • Notes:
  • 1. Noise reduction functionality has a more significant effect in the low frequency range, such as in airplanes or trains, but is not as effective for higher frequencies, such as with nearby human voices.
  • 2. The noise reduction depth data was measured in OPPO's controlled environment with ANC mode on.
  • 3. Qi is the wireless charging standard launched by the Wireless Charging Alliance, which aims to solve the compatibility of wireless charging for different mobile devices. Any chargers that support the Qi standard can charge W51.
  • 4. Binaural low-latency Bluetooth® transmission is compatible with both Qualcomm and MTK mobile platforms.
  • 5. Charging and battery life test data was measured in OPPO's controlled environment with a room temperature of 25℃ and using a standard OPPO charger. Actual charging and battery life will vary with different usage environments and chargers.
  • 6. Only the earphones are certified for IP54 dust and water proofing and not the earphone box. It is recommended to avoid using the earphones during extreme sports to prevent damage from sweat penetration.
  • 7. Quick pairing is supported by OPPO phones using ColorOS 7.0 and above, excluding the A series, F series, Reno 2Z, Reno2 F, R15, Reno3 4G version, and Reno3 Pro 4G version, Reno4 4G version, and Reno4 Pro 4G version. Some models will support quick pairing when new versions are released.
  • 8. The voice assistant summoning function is supported by OPPO phones using ColorOS 6.0 and above. Summoning other intelligent voice assistants is also supported. Please consult your relevant mobile phone manufacturer or local distributor for specific details.
  • 9. The above product materials, product data, and other information is for reference only. Some product specifications and descriptions may change due to the replacement of suppliers or other various reasons.