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OPPO Watch

Everything Just a Glance Away.
Wear OS by Google is loaded with convenient features and designed to help you maximize your time. Explore hundreds of apps on Google Play to get things done faster¹. Stream music, reply tomessages, and check news headlines. Make payments on the go with Google Pay, get answers from Google Assistant, and track workouts and fitness goals with Google Fit.
Note:Message replies are only available when OPPO Watch is paired with an Android phone.
Move to Your Music.
Stream or download music on your OPPO Watch for a movement-friendly listening experience.


1.Music streaming requires Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® wireless connection to a phone.

2.Music apps and their features and services vary by region.

3.Pictured wireless headphones are sold separately.

Get More Out of Your Watch.
Get the Most Out of Your Time.
Make fast simple payments, navigate home and gettranslations. Get things done on the go withhundreds of apps on GooglePlay for Wear OS by Google™.






heart rate


Locate your

Help on the Go.
Ask Google for a little help. Get weather updates, calendar reminders, translations and more.


1.Google Assistant is not available in certain regions and languages.

2.Most Google Assistant functionality requires, Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth® connection to a Phone.

Get More from Your Display.
Who says watch screens have to feel cramped? We've given OPPO Watchatop-of-the-line look, with a flexible dual-curved screen that displays more and displays it better. Surrounding it all is a 3D curved surfacethat brings flowing elegance to both front and back.
Flexible Dual-Curved Display
Flagship-level specs


AMOLED display


AMOLED screen


DCI-P3 Color gamut


OPPO Watch 46mm has a 1.91-inch flexible AMOLED dual-curve screen, with the PPI being 326. OPPO Watch 41mmhas a 1.6-inch rigid AMOLED screen, with the PPI being 301.

Dress Up Your 
Watch with AI.
Want to give your watch a one-of-a-kind makeover? Take a photo of your outfit with your phone, and OPPO Watch’s AI imaging algorithmwill generate its ownwatch face to match you.
A Fresh Face, Every Day.
OPPO Watch has a watch face to match every aesthetic. Brighten up your day with fun interactive designs, add widgets to boost your productivity, or show off a photo from your phone's album.
Mix Up Your Look.
Find the right OPPO Watch model for you.
Note: OPPO Watch model availability varies by region.
OPPO Watch 46mm
Crafted with aluminum and available in Black and Glossy Gold. Its fluoro rubber strap brings you all-day comfort and moisture resistance.
OPPO Watch 41mm
Crafted with aluminum with a matte finish and available in Black, Pink Gold and Silver Mist. Its fluoro rubber strap brings you all-day comfort and moisture resistance.
Note: The midframe of OPPO Watch 41mm in Black is glossy.
Change Up Your Style with Ease.
To change up your style, just pop out the watch strap and pop in a new one. 
Whether you're working out or just hard at work, you can change your watch strap to fit the occasion.
Note: OPPO Watch strap availability varies by region.

Dual-Chip Endurance System for up to
21-Day Use Time

A dual-chip endurance system keeps your watch going strong forup to 36 hours to 21 days³.Two endurance modes work together to maximize battery life, powered bythe high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 and Ambiq Micro's energy-efficient Apollo3 Wireless SoC. Whether you're on a long trip or just need to make it to the office, your watch can support you all the way.

  • Up to 36 hours

    Smart mode

  • Up to 21 days

    Power saver mode²

learn more

Note:The aforementioned use and charging times apply to OPPO Watch 46mm (Wi-Fi). OPPO Watch 41mm (Wi-Fi) has a battery life of 24 hours in Smart mode and 14 days in Power Saver mode.

Watch VOOC Flash Charging: All-Day Use on a 15-Minute Charge⁴.

Take your watch from 0% to 100% in just 75 minutes with all-new Watch VOOC Flash Charging. If you forget to charge it overnight, just a 15-minute charge while you're getting ready is enough to power a whole day of use.

  • 15 minutes

    Charges to 46%

  • 75 minutes

    Charges to 100%

Notes: The aforementioned charging times apply to OPPO Watch 46mm (Wi-Fi). OPPO Watch 41mm (Wi-Fi) charges fully in 75 minutes and charges to 30% in 15 minutes.

An Exercise Buddy on Your Wrist.

Strong Sensors. 50-Meter Water Resistance.

Track your runs, swims, bike rides, walks, and other activities with the five large exercise sensors on the back of your watch. GPS + GLONASS location services map your route, and 50-meter water resistance⁵ protects your watch as you swim or brave the weather.

Note: OPPO Watch 46mm are water resistant to 50 meters, and OPPO Watch 41mm is water resistant to 30 meters.

Ambient light sensor

Tri-axial acceleration sensor & Gyroscope

Geomagnetic sensor

Optical heart sensor

Barometric sensor

Work Out Without Stressing Out.

Don't always feel like working out? We get it. That's why we've designed OPPO Watch to make exercise easier and help you getthe most out of every moment.

  • 5-Minute Workouts

  • Fitness Run

  • Fat Burn Run

  • Outdoor Walk

  • Outdoor Cycling

  • Swimming

5-minute Workouts: 
Make the Most of Every Moment.

When time is tight, OPPO Watch can help you feel your best in an instant. Choose from various 5-minute workout routines that help you wake up, activate your whole body, relax, burn fat, or get ready for bed.

Google Fit: Modes That 
Fits Your Needs.

Google Fit comes built in to OPPO Watch, bringing you real-time exercise tracking.

Fill Up Your 
Activity Bars.

Check your progress at a glance with OPPO Watch's X-shaped activity meter. 4 different-colored bars fill up with each step you take, calorie you burn, minute you exercise, and activity period you have.

Heart Rate 
OPPO Watch tracks your heart rate around the clock, with 4 optical sensors arranged for maximum accuracy no matter how much you're moving. If anything seems off, a vibrating alert will let you know what's up.
Every morning when you wake up, OPPO Watch fills you inon how much deep sleep, light sleep, and waking time you had the night before.
Guided Breathing 
Melt away the stress of the day with guided breathing exercises that lead you to inner calm.
Get Up 
When you've been seated for too long, OPPO Watch reminds you to stand up and move aroundfor better well-being.

HeyTap Healthfor Your Health Data and More

For easier viewing, you can sync OPPO Watch's exercise data to the HeyTap Health app on your phone. You can also use the app to manage your custom watch faces.

*HeyTap Health App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

  • Notes:
  • 1.

    Wear OS by Google is supported on Android devices running on Android 6.0 or later (excluding Go edition) and iPhones running on iOS 12.0 or later. Available functions may vary by platforms and regions.

  • 2.

    In Power Saver mode, you can receive message notifications, check the time, track your steps, and monitor your heart rate.

  • 3.

    The aforementioned use times for OPPO Watch products are based on OPPO laboratory tests under typical battery use model. Actual battery life may vary according to factors such as network environment, functions used, frequency of use.

    - Typical battery use model in Smart mode (for OPPO Watch 46mm Wi-Fi version and OPPO Watch 41mm Wi-Fi version): Factory default setting, paired to a phone via Bluetooth®, 20 hours in Bluetooth® wireless connection, 4 hours in Wi-Fi® wireless connection; Screen off, using GPS outdoors for 45 minutes; Paired to Bluetooth® headphones and playing local music for 30 minutes; Screen turning on upon lifting wrist 120 times; Using Google Assistant 5 times for 20 seconds each time; 240 incoming message notifications displayed with vibrating reminders, 480 messages received without notifications; checking watch 24 times for 20 seconds each time; 5 minutes of call time for calls coming from a Bluetooth®-paired device. Measuring heart rate 8 times for 30 seconds each time; 8 hours in sleep mode; heart rate monitoring enabled.

    - Typical battery use model in Power Saver mode (for all models of OPPO Watch series): Checking watch 30 times for 10 seconds each time, 150 message notifications displayed for 5 seconds each time; heart rate monitoring and step tracking enabled.

  • 4.

    The aforementioned charging descriptions for OPPO Watch products are based on OPPO laboratory tests. Specific charging time may vary according to actual circumstances. For Watch VOOC Flash Charging, a 5V/1.5A adapter (5V/-1A for OPPO Watch 41mm) or higher is required.

    - Testing conditions: Environment temperature was 25±1°C.Battery had returned to room temperature. Remaining battery was ≥1%.All apps were closed, flight mode was enabled, and GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, BT, and vibration were disabled.A 5V/2A adapter and standard OPPO Watch charging stand were used.Timing began when the watch was attached to the charger and the screen was turned off.The latest stable version of USER software was used and all log printing was disabled.

  • 5.

    OPPO Watch 46mm supports 5ATM water resistance, and OPPO Watch 41mm supports 3ATM water resistance. The waterproof description is in accordance with ISO 22810:2010 inspection standard and has passed TÜV SÜD test (full name: TÜV SÜD Certification and Testing (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch). OPPO Watch can be worn while swimming in a pool or doing shallow open-water activities, but is not suitable for snorkeling, hot showers, hot springs, saunas, diving, scuba diving, surfing, or other water activities in which the device may come in contact with high-pressure water flow. Water resistance may decrease over time.

  • 6.

    OPPO Watch is not a medical device. The fitness and health data it provides are for reference only and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.

  • 7.

    Google, Android, Google Play, Wear OS by Google and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

  • 8.

    The watch faces shown above are simulated and for illustration purposes only.

  • 9.

    Product pictures are for reference only. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change for reasons including but not limited to changes in suppliers. Please refer to the actual product for all criteria.