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  • 2020-04-14
  • Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ 120Hz Ultra Vision Screen

    Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ 120Hz Ultra Vision Screen

    In search of the best possible smartphone display – the top flagship phones of 2020 are all bringing 120Hz refresh rates to the table. High refresh rate display devices have recently become a major area of intrigue for good reason – well designed 120Hz displays that effectively combine high resolution and responsivity can create a beautifully smooth experience.

    A display that fulfills this vision can ultimately bring visually astonishing gaming and theater-like viewing to the palm of your hand. Highly responsive 120Hz refresh rate gaming was previously only possible with a specialized computer and display monitor – making it an option for a small segment of people who have the time, money, and space necessary to invest in such a gaming setup. Now, with smartphone displays like OPPO Find X2’s Ultra Vision Screen, users everywhere can uncover the ultimate in video, film, and gaming from one convenient handheld device.

    All that remains to be determined is which of these emerging smartphone displays will most impress users and claim its place in history as one of the best.

    Uncover the Ultimate Display
    Introducing the revolutionary OPPO Find X2’s 6.7-inch Ultra Vision Screen – featuring QHD+, 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate, a 240Hz touch sampling rate, and a 513ppi curved AMOLED screen.

    Find X2 is the brightest, clearest OPPO display thus far and receives an A+ Display Rating from DisplayMate – the leading authority on screen technology. Let’s dive into what makes OPPO Find X2’s ultra-responsive 120Hz AMOLED display a top contender in the 2020 smartphone arena.

    Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ 120Hz Ultra Vision Screen
    Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ 120Hz Ultra Vision Screen

    Incredibly Colorful 120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision Screen

    True Billion Color Display
    OPPO Find X2 Pro is the first 10bit mobile screen which supports over one billion kinds of color displays – 64 times greater than the conventional 8bit screen (which supports 16.7 million colors).

    Thanks to 10bit color depth, color transitions are smoother and offer significantly improved scenic images of oceans, horizons, and aurora borealis.

    Professional Display Color Accuracy
    OPPO Find X2 Pro features a cinema-quality color accuracy of 0.4 JNCD – as compared to the industry standard of JNCD <0.2. To ensure that every Find X2 Pro device has accurate color display, OPPO invited industry leading color tuning professionals and incorporated color calibration into the production process.

    DisplayMate A+ Grade
    OPPO Find X2 Pro sets the new industry standard for smartphone display performance – featuring one of the most advanced screens introduced to the smartphone market yet and earning DisplayMate’s top grade of A+.

    Certified YouTube Signature Device & Pre-loaded with Netflix
    Thanks to its high frame rate, high dynamic range, reliable DRM performance, 4K decoding, and next generation video codecs – OPPO Find X2 Pro is a certified YouTube Signature Device.

    Watching YouTube on OPPO Find X2 Pro enables immersive 360° video, 4K decoding, high frame rate video, and many other exclusive features.

    The OPPO Find X2 also comes preloaded with Netflix. With HDR support, you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies in rich color, sharp contrast and refined detail. OPPO Find X2 delivers the ultimate mobile viewing experience to fans around the world.

    OPPO’s Smoothest, Most Responsive Screen

    “6.7-inch, 1440p Quad-HD, 120Hz AMOLED Display – and yes, it’s all of those things at the same time.”
    -Marques Brownlee

    Adaptive Refresh Rate
    OPPO Find X2 is optimized for three refresh rate modes to choose from – 120Hz, 60Hz, and “Smart.” The latter setting will automatically recognize the user scenario and intelligently adjust the refresh rate to best match it. Minimize power consumption while maximizing smooth user experience – whether you’re watching videos, gaming, or browsing the web.

    Everything You Need To Know: OPPO Find X2 Series’ 120Hz Ultra Vision Screen

    240Hz Ultra-high Touch Sampling Rate
    OPPO Find X2 automatically recognizes and adjusts screen sampling rate based on the situation, ensuring immediate touch command at all times. 240Hz touch sampling reduces the screen touch response delay down to an astonishing 4.2ms, which undoubtedly improves user interface, scrolling, swiping, and gaming in particular.

    Gaming on OPPO Find X2
    Experience games as they are meant to played with instantaneous response thanks to 120Hz ultra refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling. Find X2’s ultra vision display is especially beneficial to players in action-packed situations where a nanosecond of reaction time and response from your device can make all the difference.

    “The 120Hz Display, 240Hz Touch Sampling is truly unbelievable – it feels smooth, the games look vibrant!”

    Enjoy remarkably smooth first-person shooters, fighting, and racing games on your smartphone like never before.

    Summary: OPPO Find X2 Series Ultra Vision Screen
    We are now entering an exciting new era of incredibly responsive, beautiful smartphone displays. We at OPPO strive to continuously deliver the most advanced and enjoyable smartphone experience to our users – as such, we have packed everything possible into making OPPO Find X2’s display screen top-notch.

    What interests you the most about OPPO Find X2? Give us a shoutout on social media and let us know! Be sure to submit your favorite photos shot on OPPO with #OPPOFanView in order to be featured in future content and our Instagram!



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