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AI Beauty Technology 2.0

Capture the Real You

AI Beauty Technology 2.0 is like a personal beauty artist at your fingertips.
Features are first recognized and then beautified individually with OPPO’s
improved facial optimization technology tapping on 296 positioning spots. The
contrast between both sexes is more apparent in group selfies, where men look
more masculine and ladies exude greater femininity.

13MP Rear Camera with AI Scene Recognition

Vibrant Photo in One Click

The AI-powered scene recognition camera intelligently identifies 16 different scenes and objects
you are shooting in real-time, and then automatically find the perfect balance of brightness,
exposure, color and contrast in every single shot you capture – whether it is an exquisite latte art or
a spectacular sunrise.

Depth Effect + Vivid Mode

Stand Out with Every Single Shot

With an intelligent photograph algorithm for depth measurement, F7 Youth can create a
professional natural depth-of-field effect to highlight the main subject for picture-perfect portraits.
In coordination with the Vivid Mode, your face will look naturally beautiful against the enhanced
color saturation of your outfits and the blurry background.

Special Diamond Black

Different Beauty from Different Angle

Inspired by the diamond and produced through the latest manufacturing and polishing process,
OPPO has created an elegant back cover that boasts a look replicating the glow of a diamond, a beauty
never seen before on such a device. The triangular-cut patterns shimmer with bright and dark shades
when viewd from different angles, reflecting light in the same way a well-cut diamond does.

Colorful Glossy Unique Design

Magic of Color and Light

F7 Youth gives off a sparkling radiance from its mirrored surface that catches
your eye with a subtle yet mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow. Treat
your F7 Youth like a personal style signature, by choosing the color that best
represents yourself - enthusiastic Solar Red or
unique Diamond Black.

6.0’’ FHD+ All-encompassing Full Screen

A Revolutionary Viewing Experience

OPPO F7 Youth lets you take it all in with a 6.0-inch FHD+ all-encompassing screen that stimulates
your senses across all your everyday mobile phone experiences. With its best-in-class 84.8% screen
and narrow bezel reduced to 1.98mm, F7 Youth gives you an impressive 12.5% bigger view and yet
small and lightweight enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Brand-new Navigation Gesture + App Display in Full-Screen

Immersive Full-screen Easier to Use

Accompanying the bigger F7 Youth screen is a series of vastly improved navigation shortcuts. Swipe,
flick, drag and tap – the whole F7 Youth software universe will be on call with these simple gestures
for an unbeatable true full screen experience. Besides, for apps not optimized for full-screen display,
turning on “Full-screen Display”, it will automatically display in full screen.

The World’s First 12nm AI Processor

Thrilling Core Performance, Unbelievable AI Experience

The world’s first 12 nm processing technology powers an incredible operating experience without
draining the battery. NeuroPilot AI technology together with 2 APU(AI Processing Unit) acts like the
wise brain of your smartphone, helping your phone learn and act instinctively. Every task powered
by the F7 Youth’s Octa-core and Dual-AI-core processor works at peak efficiency.


Faster, Smoother and Greater Storage

The F7 Youth features a significant 4GB RAM for effortless and smooth multitasking and seamless
switching between apps. The average app starting speed improvement is about 30.6% than last
generation. With its ultra large 64GB ROM (expandable to 256GB) , you'll also have plenty of room for
all of your favorite memories.

3410 mAh Battery + AI Battery Management

15 hours of Continuous Usage

The 3410 mAh power cell of the F7 Youth utilizes a smart battery management system to prevent
excessive drain. By learning and establishing your usage patterns and habits over time, the system
snoozes or closes inactive apps to save power. The phone clocks in at 15 hours in a scenario of
various continued use, completely satisfying a full day’s use for heavy duty users.

ColorOS 5.0 Based on Android 8.1

Speedy Facial Unlock

Thanks to its advanced AI Recognition Technology based on 128 recognition points, F7 Youth knows
you like no other, to identify your unique face. All you need to do is simply hold it up and take a
glance at the screen to unlock it securely, in a lightning-quick action. In addition to unlocking the
phone, face recognition can also be used to app lock and private safe.

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1.Supports 16 scenes and objects: Sunset, Grass, Indoor, Food, Sky, Snow, Night, Dog, Portrait, Baby, Firework, Beach, Scenery, Text, Cat, Stage light.

2. The full screen of the F7 Youth with a 18:9 screen ratio has expanded the visual field by 11%, compared to the 16:9 screen ratio.

3. The app starting speed data is based on lab tests compared to test scenarios involving the OPPO F5.

4. The data used on this website is obtained from OPPO’s technical parameters, test data from laboratories as well as third-party suppliers. Actual product data may differ slightly, depending on testing software versions and environments.

5. Product images are included for reference only. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please refer to the actual product manual for details.