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How specs and other features of F15 boosts its primary features.

If you are searching for a phone that can entertain your everyday needs, from the camera to gaming, design to performance, your search ends here! OPPO is launching its new phone from its highly anticipated F series to storm the mobile phone market once more. To facilitate all the daily needs of the Generation Z, the newest OPPO F15 comes with whopping 8GB RAM and MediaTek Helio P70 chipset which offers the users with an amazingly smooth performance and multi-tasking experience with enormous speed.

Announced in January of this year, the phone promises to be one of the top gaming phones at an affordable price. The 12nm Helio P70 chipset cannot only run the phone effortlessly but to give an astounding gaming performance to the hardcore gamers. The chipset delivers 10-30% more AI processing efficiency and consumes 35% lesser power than its predecessor P60.

Multi-tasking in handheld device is nowadays a very common demand among users. To play highly intensive games, editing photos and videos, smartphones are now widely used. But due to smaller RAM, sometimes it becomes challenging to keep multiple apps opened in background as operating system force closes those apps. To meet this demand, OPPO F15 comes with 8GB RAM which will benefit users in multiple ways. Apart from multi-tasking, it will ensure smooth gaming experience, photo and video editing. Higher RAM ensures smooth and lag free gaming experience.

The phone is also programmed with Game Boost 2.0. As a result, OPPO F15 has a high-level performance with enhanced stability up to 55.8%, even in the high graphical games likes PUBG, Call of Duty, or Asphalt 9. With all these enhancements, the chip can render files at a faster speed. Furthermore, it can support the camera’s Ultra Night Mode efficiently. With this powerful, yet inexpensive phone day-to-day tasks can be completed in the blink of an eye.

OPPO F15 features in-display fingerprint sensor which uses EDGE lighting technology and hence unlock speed is 30% faster than competitive products. The phone unlocks in 0.32 seconds which is way faster than other smartphones available in market. It also uses special filter that maximizes sensitivity to detail, protecting against fake fingerprints.

The slim 7.9mm phone operates on the Android 9.0 based operating system ColorOS 6.1.2. With MediaTek’s latest generation 4G LTE WorldMode modem that has a more power-efficient design with the latest cellular features and standards will attract the attention of Generation Z.