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All New ColorOS 3.2

Faster than ever

The new upgraded ColorOS 3.2 optimized 64 scenarios commonly used by users. At the same time, many functions were added to
make it easier to use the phone. These included functions to turn on two apps at the same time, split screen for apps, eye protection
mode, accelerated games, and kid space. The mobile use experience becomes more convenient and fluid.


Share at
a faster speed

ColorOS 3.2 supports real-time data transmission with OPPO Share, using just Bluetooth
pairing and direct Wi-Fi connection, no cellular data is required. In just three steps, you
can enjoy a transmission speed that is 100 times faster than Bluetooth.

Smart power saving

Long lasting
battery life

The ColorOS 3.2 system can intelligently learn about the
mobile phone usage habits of users, and when the system
senses that there is heating at the backend or an app that is
consuming a lot of power, it will use the OPPO algorithm to
make smart decisions to clean or freeze the app to
conserve more power for the mobile phone. Presently,
power consumption for the phone can be reduced by 10%
with the smart cleaning system.

No more disturb

Block banner notifications other than those from phone calls, alarm clocks and
calendar which users can view from the notification bar. When you receive a call or
a message during games, these will be displayed as a floating window that will
not interrupt your game so that you can enjoy your game better.

Game Acceleration

When the user enters the game interface, the phone CPU will automatically turn
on the high performance state so that the game will not hang and you will not
miss any frame that may affect your game fervor. Normal game mode only
supports 30 frames, but OPPO R11s can achieve a high frame rate of 60 frames for
a more fluid game experience.

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