Technology Meets Innovation
OPPO Find 5  Technology Meets <strong>Innovation</strong>

The World’s First 1080p Smartphone

The Find 5 is the world’s first smartphone with a 1080p IPS screen and a staggering 441 PPI. The Find 5’s screen was designed to be clearer and more vibrant than any smartphone before it, from every angle.

OGS Technology

Text, pictures and videos are more vivid and lifelike to heighten your visual experience. Your screen’s content pops off the screen with One Glass Solution technology combining touch sensors with display.

Technology Meets Simplicity
OPPO Find 5  Technology Meets <strong>Simplicity</strong>

Modern Design

Subtle curves, sleek lines, simple shapes. Built for both function and aesthetic appeal, the stainless steel frame construction provides the Find 5 with a solid feel while still looking light and compact.

Super Slim Bezel

Wanting nothing to take away from the content of your phone, the Find 5’s super-thin 3.25mm bezel allows more room for its amazing 5 inch screen. The phone is designed to conform to your hand for the most natural fit with keys positioned for easy one-hand operation.

Mesmerizing Aesthetics

The super thin bezel makes the screen the centerpiece of the Find 5. When the screen is turned off, the display and bezel disappear into a sleek, borderless plane of black. The pure black display makes the Find 5 display aesthetically pleasing when you’re using it, and when you’re not.

Easy Light

Whenever you receive a text, call or email, Easy Light will notify you with a fluorescent, flashing light positioned subtly at the top right corner of your Find 5. Vibrant and steady, Easy Light alerts you to any missed notification while consuming minimal power.
OPPO Find 5  Mesmerizing Aesthetics

Technology Meets Moments
OPPO Find 5  Technology Meets <strong>Moments</strong>

13 Megapixel Camera

The Find 5’s ultra-precise 13-megapixel camera captures every picture in the highest quality.

5 Layer Lens Coating

The Find 5’s lens has 5 layers of coating, including UV and blue glass filters to take optimal photos in any situation.

Stacked CMOS Sensor

1/3.06-type stacked CMOS sensor technology adds layers of pixels to deliver higher image quality at a more compact size.

f/2.2 Aperture

No matter where you are, the Find 5’s large f/2.2 aperture will take detailed photos even in low light conditions.

Burst Mode

Take up to 100 photos at 5 per second with Burst Mode, or view videos in crystal clear quality in both normal playback and in freeze-frames.

Hardware HDR

The Find 5 is the world’s first smartphone supporting hardware HDR. The Find 5’s camera is capable of shooting both pictures and video in HDR so you won’t miss any details of life’s most fleeting moments.

High-speed Video

The Find 5’s video recording is the first with the capability of recording 120 frames per second, five times faster than can be seen by the human eye.
OPPO Find 5  Hardware HDR

Technology Meets Rhythm
OPPO Find 5  Technology Meets <strong>Rhythm</strong>

Dirac HD Sound Technology

The Find 5 is equipped with Dirac HD Sound technology, elevating the quality of sound from your smartphone to that of a state-of-the-art system.

Dolby Mobile 3.0

With Dolby Mobile 3.0, the difference in sound quality will be noticed whether you’re listening through headphones or enjoying with friends through the external back speaker.

Technology Meets Speed

S4 APQ8064 1.5GHz

The Find 5 uses the latest 28nm, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 1.5GHz quad-core processor that couples the highest speed with the greatest energy efficiency.

Adreno 320

Adreno 320 GPU provides the Find 5 with unparalleled graphics processing, allowing you to experience silky smooth picture quality.
OPPO Find 5  Technology Meets <strong>Speed</strong>

Technology Meets Affection
OPPO Find 5  Technology Meets <strong>Affection</strong>

Wi-Fi Display

Leave the wires and ports behind. The Find 5 is equipped with Wi-Fi Display, allowing content of your phone to be wirelessly projected in HD to a television, another phone, or a tablet.
OPPO Find 5  Wi-Fi Display


The Find 5 can wirelessly share between any DLNA capable devices. Share text, videos and music on other devices with absolute ease.

NFC – Uncomplicate Your Day


Near Field Communication capability allows you to use any NFC Smart Tag to quickly set profiles, automatically change your phone’s settings and send information. Just tap a tag and set your phone to do whatever you wish.

NFC File Transmission

File, picture, and video sharing with the touch of a phone. Simply touch the backsides of two the Find 5’s together to instantly send data between the two. It couldn’t be any easier.
OPPO Find 5  NFC) Uncomplicate Your Day

Supported ROMs


CyanogenMod is an aftermarket firmware, which offers features not found in the official Android based firmwares of vendors of these cell phones.

Paranoid Android

This is the first and only Android rom to feature true Hybrid mode. This rom lets you scale and project every app, every widget, even system components individually.


An excellent choice to get all your favorite features from Paranoid Android, AOKP, and CyanogenMod 10.1. You no longer need to worry about choosing the right ROM between the 3.


Omni is a community-based project for the Android community which is Free^3: Free to Use, Free to Modify, Free to Share. It's also about options, which is the beauty of Android.

Smartphone, Redefined.

Community Developed

Not only is the Find 5 made for you, it is also made by you. Suggest new features on OPPO Forums and see them implemented!

Open Handset Alliance

OPPO is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, working together with Google to keep the Android platform open.

GPL Compliant

The Find 5 is fully GPL compliant, with its kernel source code released. This means that developers from all over the world can work together to make the Find 5 even better.
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141.8 mm
68.8 mm
厚度 8.8 mm
重量 165 g