The 4G Generation

Play Fast or Not at All

In the whirlwind 4G era, the Qualcomm quad-core processor allows you to fully enjoy unlimited and carefree experiences, whether you are streaming high-definition videos, playing extreme online games, or multitasking.

*The 150Mbps download speed can be reached in a Wi-Fi environment.

Fun Shots

With Sounds and Colors

Snapping a shot is no longer simply about having a photo. With sounds and colors, your memories will be truly captured and unforgettable.

Audio Photo

Shoot absolutely stunning photos while also using the audio capabilities to record your personal comments or messages when capturing each shot. Let your photo tell the story!

Beautify Plus

Beautification: Facial recognition software which allows for unique aesthtic alterations.


For Truly Mobile Internet

The Neo 5 is equipped with the powerful OTG function, which allows you to read and write onto storage devices such as flash drives, micro SD cards, and hard drives. It can also access smart devices including mobile phones and tablets. In addition, a mouse and keyboard can be connected for office functionality. OTG-enabled smartphones are truly mobile Internet centers.

ColorOS: In-depth Optimization

Customized for You

Equipped with ColorOS 1.4, the Neo 5 boasts a version for a familiar yet unique and refreshed experience.

Screen-off Gesture

With Screen-off Gesture 2.0, you can quickly activate your mobile phone or launch an app with a gesture. You can even customize specific screen-off gestures to correspond to unique functions.

Gloves Mode

The Neo 5 ultra-sensitive touch screen is created using the all-new touch IC chip and professionally debugged by engineers. So you are able to enjoy continued usage even when your hands are gloved or wet.

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Height 132 mm
Width 65.8 mm
Thickness 9.2 mm
Weight 133 g