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OPPO Enco Free

OPPO Enco Free

A perfect pair for your smartphone

for total wireless freedom.

OPPO Enco Free headphones are designed to integrate seamlessly with your smartphone, optimizing every aspect of your day-to-day listening. From improved gaming and video experiences and AI uplink noise cancellation during calls to the ease of slide and tap controls, it works with your mobile device to deliver new levels of wireless freedom.

  • Binaural simultaneous
    Bluetooth® transmission

  • Ultra-dynamic speaker

  • AI uplink noise
    cancellation during calls

  • Slide and tap

  1. White
  2. Black

Radically redesigned
cutting-edge audio.

Speakers are the heart and soul of your headphones. OPPO Enco Free pack in cutting-edge ultra-dynamic speakers* to deliver incredible audio performance, combining the FPC positioning system used in high-end stereo equipment with a sophisticated dual magnetic circuit and composite diaphragm made of titanium dome and magnalium cladding. Powered by six patented technologies* that enhance the detail, bass, and dynamic range of your music, you get a studio-quality listening experience you can enjoy anywhere.

    1. Dual four-layer
      voice coil

    2. Dual magnetic

    3. FPC

    4. TPU

    5. Magnalium-clad
      Level PEN

Fast, stable audio
delivered straight to your ears.

OPPO’s industry-leading binaural simultaneous Bluetooth® transmission* delivers sound to the left and right ears simultaneously, giving you highly synchronized audio. Meanwhile, system-wide optimizations intended to eliminate delay, lag, incompatibility and other disturbances help boost your signal quality for an undisrupted experience, whether it is gaming, watching videos, or making calls.

Binaural simultaneous
Bluetooth® transmission
Compatible with multiple
smartphone platforms

Ordinary TWS headphones Left-to-Right relay
Bluetooth® transmission

OPPO Enco Free headphones Left/Right simultaneous
Bluetooth® transmission

Be heard,
wherever you are.

In the mobile era, there’s no time for worrying when or where you ’ll be able to take a call. OPPO’s advanced dual microphone beam-forming technology and AI uplink noise cancellation work together to shield your calls from outside noise, so your voice can be heard clearly in any environment.

Intuitive controls,
right at your fingertips.

Double-tap on either side of your OPPO Enco Free headphones is all it takes to answer calls or switch your music on and off. To adjust the volume or change tracks, just slide your finger up or down on the headphones*.

Slide up-down adjust volume
(on the left headphone)
change tracks
(on the right headphone)

Double-tap answer-end calls
switch music on-off

Note: Slide your finger up or down on the left headphone to adjust volume, and on the right headphone to change tracks.

One pair of headphones.
Two unique fits.

The OPPO Enco Free’s eartips reflect OPPO’s latest research modeling headphones to fit the human ear. Using the flexibility of liquid silicone rubber, we created not one but two distinct designs: in-ear tips for a maximally secure fit, and semi-in-ear tips for more breathability. This clever design brings you a unique balance of comfort and stability that can’t be found anywhere else.

In-ear tips

Semi-in-ear tips

  • 2  unique

    ear-tip options

  • 3  sizes


  • 4.6  g

    ultralight design

  • All-new

    flexible opening

A striking aural glow.

Wireless headphones don’t have to look like wired headphones with the wires cut off. The OPPO Enco Free’s touch control surfaces stand out from the crowd with their futuristic aesthetic and captivating glow line design. Each side tapers into a graceful curve illuminated with streams of light, for an inspired look that’s sure to leave an impression.

25-hour* playback:
Beyond all-day listening.

Enjoy up to 25 hours* of music playback or 15 hours* of call time when you carry your headphones with their charging case, and up to 5 hours* of music playback or 3 hours* of call time without it. Fast, portable charging ensures your audio can outlast even the longest days, no matter how often you listen.

  • 5+20  hours

    of music playback*

  • 3+12  hours

    of call time*

Note: Play time data is based on OPPO laboratory tests conducted at 50% speaker volume. Specific times for charging and use will vary according to actual circumstances.

Open and
connect instantly.

Open the charging case, then instantly pair your OPPO Enco Free with your smartphone using the pop-up window that appears on your phone. Once enabled, your headphones will automatically connect whenever you open the case, linking to your signal faster than you can put them on.

The quick pairing function is supported by OPPO smartphones running ColorOS version 7.0 or higher, excluding A Series, F Series, Reno2 Z, R15, Reno3 (4G version) and Reno3 Pro (4G version).

OPPO Enco Free true wireless
headphones specifications

Model (headphones) ETI02
Product colors White/Black/Pink
Model (charging case) ETI03
Driver 13.4 mm dynamic driver
Driver sensitivity 120 dB @ 1 kHz @ 1 mW
Frequency response range 16 Hz~20 kHz
Microphone sensitivity -42 dBV/Pa
Bluetooth® version 5.0
Wireless range 10 m
Battery type Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity 31 mAh (headphones), 410 mAh (charging case)
Music play time (50% volume) 5 h (single charge), 25 h (with charging case)
Charging time* 70 min (headphones), 110 min (charging case)
Charging port Type-C
Water resistance (headphones) IPX4
Weight (Entire device) 48.2g


1. Binaural simultaneous Bluetooth® transmission works with Qualcomm and MTK smartphone platforms.

2. The six patented technologies are as follows: CN209390359U, CN209390360U, CN209526840U, CN209526870U, CN209526841U, CN209526873U.

3. Ultra-dynamic speakers installed in OPPO Enco Free true wireless headphones are supplied by two suppliers.

4. Play time data is based on OPPO laboratory tests conducted at 50% speaker volume in music mode. Specific times for charging and use will vary according to actual circumstances. Using OPPO Enco Free headphones in Cinema mode or Game mode will reduce their play time.

5. OPPO Enco Free headphones support the Bluetooth® 5.0 standard. The Bluetooth® protocol is backward compatible and works with both Android and iOS. For best performance, please use with OPPO mobile phones. Due to performance characteristics of Bluetooth® headphones, electromagnetic interference in the surrounding environment may impact their signal stability.

6. IPX4 water resistance protects against everyday splashes and spills, but cannot guarantee protection under more extreme conditions. To prevent damage from sweat, please avoid wearing the head phones during intense physical activity.

7. The quick pairing function is supported by OPPO smartphones running ColorOS version 7.0 or higher, excluding A Series, F Series, Reno2 Z, R15, Reno3 (4G version) and Reno3 Pro (4G version).

8. Play time and charging time data are based on OPPO laboratory tests with standard OPPO chargers conducted at a controlled temperature of 25°C. Specific times for charging and use will vary according to actual circumstances and charger specifications.

9. The above product details and product date are for reference only. Some product specifications and descriptions may change for reasons including but not limited to supplier replacement. Please refer to the actual product for all criteria.