OPPO-Care is now available in Selangor


In January 2015, Malaysia was hit by a serious flood destroying home of thousands malaysian in the East Coast region especially Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. OPPO Malaysia had donated RM500,000 to the flood victims and 50% discount smartphone service for all Malaysians.


OPPO Malaysia had noticed the increasing numbers of smartphone accident in recent years. According to reliable sources, 1 out of 3 smartphone users lose or damage their smartphone. People are willing to pay unlimited money to protect their data especially phone contacts.


After careful and thorough consideration, OPPO Service Center Team had decided to introduce OPPO-Care as the latest privilege for all valued OPPO Smartphone users in Selangor only. Later on, OPPO-Care will be available nationwide some time in August 2015.


OPPO-Care is an additional protection plan apart of original warranty, it covers ranging from drop damage to water damage. A one-time complete protection plan lasts for 12-months. Changing a new printed-circuit board (PCB) or a HD display screen will cost a fortune. However, OPPO-Care is only priced at RM68 for OPPO devices below RM1,200 and RM98 for OPPO devices above RM1,200.


All OPPO Smartphone users may sign for OPPO-Care directly from any Official OPPO Concept Stores. Users who purchased their smartphone from authorized dealers are allowed to sign for OPPO-Care within 15-days from date of purchase. Furthermore, activation is required via online registration at Official OPPO Malaysia website, the expiration is the day of activation a year later.

There 2 steps for users to claim the OPPO-Care:

1) Contact OPPO Customer Service at 1800-88-6776 within 24-hours

2) Proceed to OPPO Service Center along with Warranty Card, Purchase Receipt and OPPO-Care Card within 72-hours.

For more information, Click Here (OPPO-Care Terms & Conditions).