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A Letter To All Customers


Dear Customers,

    In today’s modern society, mobile phone had become part of our lifestyle. Moreover, as the time goes by, people have no longer satisfied by just phone call and texting in a mobile phone. Consequently, smartphone came to light and smartphone users are demanding more and more new innovations.

There are always dilemmas when it comes to purchase of smartphone especially without up-to-date smartphone knowledge, simply because of countless smartphone brands and models are available in shopping complex. Then, you are afraid of getting cheated in terms of purchasing an unsuitable smartphone which does not match your personal preferences or even getting overcharge by unethical smartphone dealers.

So what are the precautions should be taken when it comes to choosing the best smartphone? 

The below are the 3 solutions:

1)      Shop at the right place

In a general point of view, a proper shop in terms of formality portrays a rather convincing impression to the customers. Take OPPO as an example, OPPO Malaysia has a total of 68 concept stores nationwide; each and every concept stores aims to provide the best customer satisfaction. Furthermore, OPPO has carefully authorized thousands of mobile phone dealers selling OPPO smartphone at the same price as concept stores. Purchasing from the authorized dealers will be guaranteed and recognized by OPPO. If you encountered any elements of fraud when purchasing OPPO smartphone, we will be at your service immediately to solve your problems and ensure you receive the most satisfying solution. Lastly, if you are inconvenient to visit our concept stores or authorized dealers, you may choose to purchase online directly from OPPO Official Online Store.



2)      Select the right salesperson

Consumers are easier to be convinced by friendly salesperson with professional product knowledge. From the beginning of OPPO established in Malaysia, OPPO had recruited and assigned professional sales representatives nationwide. All sales representatives had been given professional training in product knowledge and excellent personality, providing highest quality of service and consultation to our customers in selecting their best smartphone. In addition, our sales representatives wear uniform in green or black, along with unique ID work badge. OPPO will take immediate action in any complaints made against any of the sales representative; this is to ensure our customers are carefree when purchasing OPPO smartphone.



3)      Select the right product

A fine product has its distinctive quality in order to assure its customers. In OPPO, 21 service centers located in different states are ready to solve all smartphone issues. In addition, OPPO has a strict and transparent process which is to prevent any deception on the repair cost; all reported cases are recorded into the system which is available on Official Website. OPPO service centers also provides lifetime firmware upgrades, phone unlock and phone cleaning services.

OPPO is Malaysia’s first trusted brand. Selecting OPPO is equally selecting assurance. OPPO fulfills all promises previously, presently and futurity to bring the best product and service to our customers.


William Fang

CEO OPPO Malaysia

22th December 2015