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Shenzhen, China, December 10, 2019

OPPO INNO DAY is our annual global technology event aiming to showcase the latest innovation and exploration of personal technology.

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Most Quotable INNO DAY Moments

Tony Chen

Founder and CEO, OPPO

I’m convinced that machines can never replace human beings, it is only the extension of human intelligence.

Levin Liu

Vice President, Head of Research Institute, OPPO

In the brand-new 5G era, OPPO heads towards Tech Innovation 2.0 with parallel drivers of “frontier technology” and “value for user”.

Henry Tang

Chief 5G Scientist, OPPO

Our philosophy is to offer exceptional services to enhance user experiences. To fulfill the diverse needs of users, we need to look beyond smartphones or telecommunications and build a multi-entry smart ecosystem in the era of intelligent connectivity.

Qing Wei

National Technology Officer, Microsoft (China)

The future world will feature ubiquitous computing and intelligence where everything is interconnected.

Baoquan Chen

Endowed Boya Professor, Executive Director, CFCS, Peking Univ.

The three core scenarios for the 5G era consist of people, machines and things, gradually developing to achieve connectivity.

Xiaobo Wu

Well-known Financial Writer

Over the last 20 years, companies who own traffic are the kings of the internet era. In the future, it’s uncertain who will claim the throne in the era of intelligent connectivity.

Tom Morrod

Executive Director, IHS Markit

As a gateway for an intelligent connectivity ecosystem, smartphones will play an even more vital role for terminal devices in the future.

Sheng Wu

Founder of Context Lab

Following the logic of shared evolution, deep connections and mutual enablement, we believe intelligent connectivity represents the beginning of an industrial revolution.


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