As natural as breathing

The ultimate aesthetic experience has arrived

We untap the potential of a full screen phone. By paying great attention to every detail, we have created a simple but eternally beautiful design.

The upgraded aesthetic features more lightweight icons, a livelier style, simpler interactions, and more comfortable visual effects to offer our users the most refined and natural smartphone experience.

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design by oppo

Artist wallpapers

for you

Your phone is not just a machine. It's also an expression of your style.

We invited a number of artists contracted with global art agencies to design stunning wallpapers that interpret beauty and life. Meanwhile, we added new types of live wallpapers that are responsive to your interactions and change dynamically as you navigate around your phone.

Artist Wallpaper Project

Snap beautiful

photos with

just one tap

Our enhanced algorithms

enable you to take photos

like a pro effortlessly.

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Instantly create

and share videos

A smart short video editor

that lets you vlog like a pro.

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Get clear

document photos

with every shot

Say goodbye to blurred

document photos.Text Scanner

lets you sharpen the text in

your photos with just a tap.

Print files using

your phone

No computer or apps necessary.

ColorOS 7.1 comes with a built-in

print service that supports more than

2,000 printer models.Images and

PDF files are supported.

Better privacy

in Multi-User Mode

We optimized Multi-User Mode to

better protect your privacy. Users

using the same app cannot view or

change other users' app data.

Text Scanner
Wireless Printing


lag-free gaming

We've improved the touch experience dramatically, reducing the average response time for screen touches by up to 35%.

Game load is monitored to detect lag in advance, which results in an improved frame rate and makes games feel more responsive.

Meanwhile, specific game scenarios can be loaded faster, improving game performance by up to 20%.

A more immersive

gaming experience

Game Space just got better. We

added a startup splash screen and

a transition animation that

supports 4D vibration to make the

interface more immersive and

interactive. We also reduced

network delays to make interaction


Hyper Boost




Everything runs

more smoothly,

saving you time,

power, and worry

1.All data in the full site are obtained by laboratories through tests carried out under particular conditions and are just for reference. Actual data may vary due to actual application environment, devices, software versions. All data are subject to actual usage.

2.Product interface content (including but not limited to UI, background) displayed on the full site are provided for reference only. Actual function relies on software versions, whose launching time and geographic area may vary. All content and function are subject to the actual usage.

3.We would keep consistence efforts in developing products function, consequently, product interface content (including but not limited to UI, background), function feature, performance data displayed on the full site may changes, ColorOS may updates all contents displayed from time to time. Any aforementioned change and adjustment would occur without any special notice.

4.Text Scanner is available only on ColorOS 7.1 and later.

5.Wireless Printing is also available on old phone models upgraded to ColorOS 7.1. Printers that support the Mopria Print Service can be used.

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