Lightweight design

In the pursuit of a lightweight visual language, we have further simplified the operating interface to enable users to focus on core functions.

The title bar is more reasonably laid out and easier to operate, creating more unified interaction logic.

Lightweight icons

A picture-perfect Home screen is ready to greet you each time you unlock your phone. Third-party app icons have been redesigned to conform with our overall Home screen aesthetic. You can also choose between different icon styles and customize their size and shape.


Nifty animations

Your phone now feels alive and vibrant. Touch: Animations are now highly responsive to your touch. The speed of animations correspond naturally to the speed at which you slide your finger. Charging: When charging your phone, it will look as if energy particles are being "absorbed" from your charging cable. When you unplug your charger, those same energy particles will scatter and disappear.
Weather: We breathed life into the dull Weather screen. Gently slide your finger left or right on the screen to view different scenes.

Star trail
Simplified sounds

Taking inspiration from the sounds of nature, we simplified our ringtones and notification sounds to make them more pleasing to the ear.
In addition, we added sound effects in 8 different features including the keyboard, Calculator, and setting switches to simulate the experience of touching a physical object. We also composed tunes for 7 different types of weather to make you feel relaxed no matter the conditions outside.

Wheat Field
Dark mode

You will enjoy reading more than ever, and not just at night.
The auto-brightness feature reduces eye strain in all lighting conditions and at all times of the day. In addition, we also upgraded the color scheme and improved the dark color contrast so users can better differentiate between screen elements and see key information more prominently.
Dark mode also extends your battery life by consuming less power.

Switching to Dark Mode...

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