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OPPO Introduces Near-Stock Android Option for Key Devices


Shenzhen, Nov 18, 2015 – The ever-evolving global smartphone brand OPPO is rolling out a near-stock Android alternative to its popular ColorOS that will allow users of key devices to choose a clean-cut Android experience without sacrificing ColorOS’ most beloved customizations. Available as a direct download from the OPPO Community website, the new operating system, called Project Spectrum, continues OPPO’s commitment to listening closely to users’ needs and will allow OPPO to even better connect to consumers in Western markets.

Starting in 2013, OPPO included ColorOS, a highly customized Android ROM, on all of its smartphones. ColorOS’ robust set of features as well as its sleek and friendly design have been well received by users around the world. But OPPO prides itself on listening to what users really want, and there is a significant group of smartphone enthusiasts, particularly in Western countries, who prefer software that stays closer to Google’s original vision for Android. It is with their enjoyment in mind that OPPO is expanding the software options for key devices.


With Project Spectrum, users will experience all the oft-cited benefits of near-stock Android: speed, lean design and faster updates. But they also won’t lose the most widely loved ColorOS features, including industry-leading imaging and audio enhancements (PureImage 2.0+, MaxxAudio) and screen-off gestures. OPPO users will have a wider spectrum of choice, and whichever path they choose will bring a full spectrum of features.


The widely loved Find 7 and Find 7a are the first devices to receive the Project Spectrum option, with a version based on Android 5.1. Find 7 and Find 7a users can directly download Project Spectrum from the OPPO Community website, and then follow a few simple steps to install it.


Versions of Project Spectrum for the R5 and R5s, also based on Android 5.1, will follow soon. Meanwhile, a version of Project Spectrum based on Android Marshmallow is expected to be released for other key devices in early 2016.


Warranties for devices sold over or Amazon in Europe, which mostly serve Western customers, will not be affected if users choose to switch to Project Spectrum. Customers who bought their phones anywhere else, such as offline stores in Asia, Africa or Latin America, should consult their local resellers for more information about warranty policies.


As always, OPPO product managers expressed their encouragement for community engagement, and said that Project Spectrum will make incorporating user feedback into future software updates even easier. Meanwhile, for users who prefer a superb, hassle-free experience straight out of the box, ColorOS will continue to be supported as the default system for all OPPO phones.