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OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Edition with 18K gold-plated club insignia to land in Kenya


The leading camera phone brand OPPO has announced the launch of a new version of OPPO F3 in the Kenyan market that will be Packed with advanced technologies, innovative features and a new vibrant and sporty look design. OPPO F3 FC Barcelona Limited Edition.


As a symbol to commemorate the partnership with FC Barcelona and in order to stay true to the colors of the football club, the limited FC Barcelona OPPO F3 will feature an outstanding color with several identical features and gold insignias that fans are going to find very appealing on the device.


From the announcement made, F3 FC Barcelona Limited Edition feature a red color with OPPO and Barca logo on the back with a golden accent and reads “FC Barcelona Official Partner” at the bottom. The red color is apparently interpreted as a reflection of the spirit of the team, which became the pride of Barcelona.


F3 FC Barcelona Limited Edition will be unveiled in the market next week, However, OPPO does not disclose the selling price and available units but gives a little leak that the units will be sold only in a limited time frame. Maybe only hundreds of units are available.


Each device will also come together with FCB related special gift pack, yet to be disclosed during official release of the device


For the specifications and features, F3 FC Barcelona Limited Edition will still have the high resolution dual front camera, wide angle group selfie function, and super high specs.

It seems F3 FC Barcelona Limited Edition could be a mandatory item that you wait for its presence next week.