R7 Plus

Style in a Flash

OPPO R7plus  Style in a Flash

Life And Art At The Crossroads

Art Imitates Life As The R7 Plus Fits Right Into Your Hand

OPPO R7plus  Life And Art At The Crossroads
OPPO R7plus  A Premium Metal Unibody

A Premium Metal Unibody

And The Elegance Of A Violin

The body of the R7 Plus was designed with a single piece of aircraft-grade magnesium aluminium alloy and has undergone 48 polishing processes before finally attaining it’s exquisite all-metallic body. Its metallic ratio is as high as 91%. The robust device is matched with a 15.24 cm (6.0") 1080p Super AMOLED screen, and the craftsmanship and beauty of a violin.

48 Polishing Processes

91% Metallic Ratio

OPPO R7plus  2.5D Arc Edge Screen

2.5D Arc Edge Screen

Free-flowing Colors, Joy In Movement

OPPO has initiated the concept of "Free Curves" and redefined the curves of the screen. The precision craftsmanship creates a glass screen that is solid yet gentle, while the metallic body provides incredible protection when dropped.

OPPO R7plus  A Bigger Battery For

A Bigger Battery For

Unmatched Efficiency

The R7 Plus is configured with a 4100 mA battery, ultra-large battery capacity, and flash charging for a bigger and better battery experience. 5 minutes of charging supports 2 hours of talk time.

OPPO R7plus  New Flash Shot

New Flash Shot

Ultimate Image Quality

The R7 Plus applies laser auto focus and smart anti-shake optimization for hypersensitive focusing and instantaneous image generation. Even shots taken in a heartbeat look breath-taking.

OPPO R7plus   Larger Memory For Faster Operations


Larger Memory For Faster Operations

3GB RAM is perfectly matched with a jaw-dropping 8-core processor. Say goodbye to tedious loading and hello to faster and smoother games and programs.

OPPO R7plus  Touch Access

Touch Access

A More Effective Method For Unlocking And Encryption

Gently press your finger on the sensor and your fingerprint will activate the phone and unlock it. Up to 5 fingerprints can be saved. Supports unlocking of homescreen, encryption of software, and guest mode.

OPPO R7plus  4G Dual SIM
3G 42 Mbps 4G 150 Mbps

4G Dual SIM

Freedom Of Choice, Ease of Selection

Universal 4G facilitates super-high speeds; Dual SIM configuration allows you to balance work and life. The R7 Plus unleashes unlimited possibilities.

OPPO R7plus  ColorOS 2.1  Fast, Steady, Memorable, New

ColorOS 2.1

Fast, Steady, Memorable, New

252 Optimized Scenes
311 ms Shorter App Launch Time
30 % Faster Boot Speed
OPPO R7plus   Album Filters
OPPO R7plus

Album Filters

23 newly-added featured filters, plus background blurring functions to make your photos shout!

OPPO R7plus   Homescreen Management
OPPO R7plus

Homescreen Management

ColorOS 2.1 has a specialized three-in-one efficient organizing function. Shake for automatic sorting, quick transfers across pages, and icon management.

OPPO R7plus   Customized Screen-off Gestures
OPPO R7plus

Customized Screen-off Gestures

During screen-off mode, use gestures directly on the screen to activate specific functions: screen on, activate camera, make calls etc.

Single-hand Mode

Just slide from the lower left or right corner to the middle of the screen to activate mini-screen mode for easy operation.

Lengthy Screen Shot

Easily capture lengthy content in a single screen shot.

OPPO R7plus  Lockscreen Notifications
OPPO R7plus

Lockscreen Notifications

Forget about missing important notifications with automatic lock screen notifications!

OPPO R7plus   Research has shown that users prefer mobile phones with "clear appearances and an outstanding feel".

Research has shown that users prefer mobile phones with "clear appearances and an outstanding feel".

OPPO has created a comfortable large-screen mobile phone that is highly metallic and well-integrated, whilst also satisfying the difficult balance of aesthetics and visual slimness. From such pure and driven passion, the R7 Plus was born.

The chief designer of the R7 Plus started learning the violin from a very young age and found that the arcs of a violin's neck feel good in the hand and was very memorable. The inspiration for the arcs in the body of the R7 Plus was sparked when industrial design and art meet.

OPPO R7plus  Unibody Craftsmanship

Unibody Craftsmanship

The R7 Plus inherits the classic OPPO tradition of line-ism; the free curves convey a sense of elegance, tenderness, and comfort, offering security and ease. Even under the premise of achieving a hardy and metallic appearance, the use of multiple arcs at the angular joints creates dynamic flows of light and color no matter which angle the phone is seen from.

OPPO R7plus  A Screen With Charming Arc Edges

A Screen With Charming Arc Edges

The front of the R7 Plus is installed with a colorful AMOLED glass screen for beautiful image quality. The 2.5D arc surface (droplet screen) eliminates the rigid angles from the front edges.

OPPO R7plus  Gorgeous Edges

Gorgeous Edges

Of Light And Shadow

With its light and curves, the body of the R7 Plus demonstrates the eye-watering effect of visual slimness. An arc and a Bezier curve are added to the side of the body. The unique T-shape tooled-out side arcs are filled with light, and the exceptional lighting techniques create extraordinary visual charm.

OPPO R7plus
OPPO R7plus   Ultra-HD Image Quality

Ultra-HD Image Quality

Never Forget The Details

Every OPPO device is born with photography deep within it’s DNA. It picks out every detail of the photograph in depth. Perfect image quality, brand-new Beautify 3.0, and ultra-clear flash shot help you capture every moment of beauty.

OPPO R7plus   Ultra-Exquisite Images OPPO R7plus  PI 2.0+ Optimization OPPO R7plus   Ultra-Exquisite Images

Ultra-Exquisite Images

PI 2.0+ Optimization

The Pure Image 2.0+ engine of the camera has been fully upgraded. Multi-frame sampling empowers the R7 Plus with Ultra HD 52 megapixel shots to capture even more details.

OPPO R7plus    Ultimate Beautification

Ultimate Beautification

A Must For Selfie Fanatics

Beautify 3.0 . Multiple modes for you to easily customize your preferred effect, matching gender, age and much more, showcasing your unparalleled beauty.

OPPO R7plus   Time-Lapse Time-Lapse Super GIF Various Filters Selfie Fill Light
OPPO R7plus   VOOC Flash Charge

VOOC Flash Charge

Larger Battery for Better

Compatibility with Flash Charge.

OPPO R7plus  <span class="bold-font">5 minutes</span> of charging

5 minutes of charging

will get you power

for a 2-hour long call.

OPPO R7plus  Flash Charging

Flash Charging

Higher Efficiency, Greater Safety

Five layers of protection, low-voltage charging, reduced voltage conversion and heating for improved safety and less worry.




Height 158 mm
Width 82 mm
Thickness 7.75 mm
Weight 192 g