OPPO N1 mini  Unique rotating camera

Unique rotating camera

Unique shooting experience

OPPO N1 mini  Rotate


Endless ways of capturing moments

OPPO N1 mini  An extravagant line-up

An extravagant line-up

Capture stunning photos with ease

Sony Second Generation of Stacked CMOS Chip
0.794 cm (1/3.2") Sony CMOS Image Senser has a higher sensitivity,
and shows an excellent HDR effect.

OPPO N1 mini

Blue Glass Optical Filters

Increase transmission of lens and decrease effect of aberration

6P Lens

Has one more lens compared with common camera, and the photographic effects are as you see them in reality.

F2.0 Large Aperture

increases incoming light and the brightness is much higher

OPPO N1 mini  Pure Image Engine

Pure Image Engine

Capture stunning photos with ease

The N1 mini is equipped with the new-generation Pure Image
engine, an imaging technology exclusive to OPPO. You can
achieve a more precise focus and a more intelligent exposure.
The colors are perfectly restored and the photographic effects
are as you see them in reality.

OPPO N1 mini  Ultra HD Picture

Ultra HD Picture

24MP HD Picture captures more details

PI 2.0 technology is able to pick out the best parts of six
consecutive pictures and combine them into a 24MP HD picture.
Resolution pushed to the limits.

OPPO N1 mini  Super Zoom

Super Zoom

Shooting from a distance is handy.

Zooming in close range automatically turns on the super zoom mode.
The image will contain more details and enlarge the long-distance
scenes to maintain the resolution. It’s a handy function for both daily
life and business conference.

OPPO N1 mini  Hand-held Night Shots

Hand-held Night Shots

Capture beautiful night scenes

With the smart noise-reduction algorithm, you can easily capture
bright night sceneries with less noise and in high definition to preserve
every detail without using the flash.

OPPO N1 mini  Designed to Capture!

Designed to Capture!

It is easy to take fun and creative photos with the N1 mini’s camera software.
Combined with video and photo editing applications,
life’s little events can easily be woven into a story.

OPPO N1 mini  Beautification


Enhanced facial recognition helps to create more
accurate beautification effects.

OPPO N1 mini  Slow Shutter Mode

Slow Shutter Mode

Let more light in for a dramatic effect

Capture time as it passes by and lights in their dynamic motion.
Explore new areas of photography with light painting and bright cityscapes at night,
previously only available on high-end cameras.

OPPO N1 mini  Light and Handy

Light and Handy

One-handed Control

The N1 mini screen has been reduced to 12.7 cm (5.0"), making it easier to use
and convenient to carry around. Weighing in at only 150g, it has been trimmed
down to give you the same performance in a more versatile body.

OPPO N1 mini  Meticulously Crafted

Meticulously Crafted

Beautifully Designed Technology

A brushed steel frame wraps the entire edge of the body allowing for unique aesthetics.
Delicate to the touch, the pearlescent back side is mesmerizing to touch.

OPPO N1 mini
OPPO N1 mini  Outstanding and Vivid Colors

Outstanding and Vivid Colors

Out With The Drab, In With The Bright

The N1 mini is available in White, Yellow and Blue colors to complement your unique character.

OPPO N1 mini
OPPO N1 mini  4G LTE Compatible

4G LTE Compatible

Never Slow Down On The Go

Supporting 4G LTE networks, the N1 mini gives you unprecedented
speeds to enhance your online experience while you’re on the go.
Surf the internet and stream media at up to 100 mbps speeds anywhere, anytime.

OPPO N1 mini  ColorOS


Smart Living

Bringing you a unique experience enhanced with handy features,
the N1 mini is your mobile companion for easier living.




Height 148.4 mm
Width 72.2 mm
Thickness 9.2 mm
Weight 151 g