The Beauty of Exterior Design, Continuing The Legacy Of The Find 5
OPPO Find 5 mini The Beauty of Exterior Design, <strong>Continuing The Legacy Of The Find 5</strong>
Lighter, Thinner, Better

Featuring a 11.93 cm (4.7") IPS qHD screen on a 7.75 mm thin body weighing 128g, which makes the Find 5 mini a smartphone that is pocket friendly. There are 19 molds applied to create it’s diamond-cut back case.

Screen-off Aesthetics

Purely Black colored front face reveals the shiny luster when the screen is off.

Perfect Images Come from
The Most Vivid Colors
F/2.0 Aperture

With an f/2.0 large aperture, the camera allows 30% more light through than the f/2.0 aperture that is used for the iPhone 5s. It absorbs more light in the CMOS sensor and provides better image quality.

Sony Sensor

Sony’s 2nd-gen BSI high sensitivity CMSO sensors brings brighter picture quality and richer details in low-light conditions.

  • OPPO Find 5 mini F/2.0 Aperture

    F/2.0 Aperture

  • OPPO Find 5 mini 2nd-gen BSI CMSO

    2nd-gen BSI CMSO

OPPO Find 5 mini Perfect Images Come from<br><strong>The Most Vivid Colors</strong>
Double AR Coating

Light transmission increases from 90% to the surprisingly 98%,capturing a more vivid photo.

OPPO Find 5 mini Double AR Coating
Blue Glass IR Filter

Stray light filter reduces noise to capture the most natural image.

OPPO Find 5 mini Blue Glass IR Filter
Various Photography Modes

The Beautify Plus 3.0 softens out any unwanted blemish and gives you the most beautiful image.

Voice Control Shoot makes it convenient and a smarter way of taking a photo, without having to press a button.

HDR Mode keeps your photo colorful even if taken in the dark.

Panorama Mode uses the automatic exposure function to give you a grand panoramic experience.

  • OPPO Find 5 mini 2nd-gen BSI CMSO

    2nd-gen BSI CMSO

  • OPPO Find 5 mini Panorama Mode

    Panorama Mode

  • OPPO Find 5 mini HDR Mode

    HDR Mode

OPPO Find 5 mini
Dual SIM, More Freedom
Dual SIM Card

A dual SIM card tray supports both WCDMA and GSM networks.

You'll be able to satisfy your needs on the go without any interference in your working and everyday life.

The Find 5 mini also supports up to 32GB of additional storage.

OPPO Find 5 mini <strong>Dual SIM,</strong> More Freedom
ColorOS Customized Only for You
Screen-off Gesture

Easily wake up your device by double tapping the screen. Slide up/down with two fingers to play or pause your music. Draw a “Circle” to open the camera. Draw a “v” to open the flashlight. And more...

OPPO Find 5 mini <strong>ColorOS</strong> Customized Only for You
Glove Mode

The extra sensitive touch screen allows you to control the Find 5 mini even while wearing gloves.

OPPO Find 5 mini Glove Mode
Global Gesture Panel

With customized gestures you can setup functions that allow you to create your own gestures to use the device the way you like.

Quick Reach

Simply swipe three fingers on the screen to take a screenshot. Adjust the volume by sliding two fingers.

OPPO Find 5 mini Global Gesture Panel




Height 137 mm
Width 68 mm
Thickness 7.75 mm
Weight 128 g