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Capture the real you

Capture the real you

A.I. beauty recognition technology

The OPPO F5 takes camera phones to the next generation. It defies the paradox of marrying Artificial
Intelligence technology with organic beauty to create the most natural and stunning of selfies.

Immersive visual experience

FHD+  Full screen

The F5 screen has been blown up in size and decked
out in full high definition, so we can blow away your
expectations. Immerse yourself in a vibrantly colorful
FHD+ screen that goes right to the edge of a sleek
unibody which feels as good as it looks.

Smoother all-round performance

4GB RAM + Octa-Core CPU

The OPPO F5 houses 4GB RAM and Octa-core CPU for all your smartphone operations, from speedy
surfing to continuous chats and eager gaming. The energy-saving microprocessor lets you turn up the
heat on your smartphone experience, while keeping the device cool – in more ways than one.

More considerate
features in ColorOS 3.2

Speedy facial unlock

Unlock your F5 screen simply by holding it up as if
to say hi. This super friendly flagship function is a
fast, convenient and accurate alternative to
unlocking the phone with your fingerprint. Also
some other ultimate functions can also be enjoyed:
Give it a friendly tap, a firm shake, a gentle swipe or
a handy pinch and watch the functions come to life
in the simplest and most beautiful ways.

Faster, easier, safer – what’s not to like?