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OPPO's Online Authorised Sellers




With a view to allow its customer to experience the quality and service from the OPPO smartphones, the OPPO Mobiles India Private Limited (Company), hereby confirm and disseminate that below mentioned sellers are the authorized partners (authorized sellers) for online sales/ e-commerce platform at the time of signing of this letter and shall be valid until further announcement in this context, if any.


In an attempt to serve our customers seamlessly who buy OPPO smartphones (OPPO Devices) through authorized sellers on online/ e-commerce platform, it being now decided that any purchase of OPPO Devices through any sellers other than authorized sellers may not be considered for customer support or service or replacement request from the Company.


By this letter, customers are advised that Company would neither be entertaining any request, complaints, notice, whatsoever, with respect to OPPO Devices nor be verifying or confirming genuineness of the same, if they are not bought from the authorized sellers. Further, customers are made aware that your right to OPPO warranty, support, services or such coverage could be impacted.


The below is the list of the authorized online partners of OPPO Devices:

 The above list is last updated as on 25th Jan ’18 and  shall be effective until further announcement.

Thanking you,

For OPPO Mobiles India Private Limited