Sales Specialist

Número de ofertas: 1 Ubicación: Barcelona, Spain


  • Responsible for following and achieving product sales goals.

  • Execution of product sales and marketing plans in the region.

  • Responsible for store visits in the region, maintenance, and develop distribution channels in the region.

  • Train sellers and promoters, enhance the professional ability of supervisor dealers.

  • Assist the Marketing Departing in organizing brand promotions and other related activities.

  • Regularly conduct data statistics collection to develop analysis reports.


  • Bachelor degree or above, preferably with major in public relations, marketing or business management.

  • Preferably with more than one year of related job experience.

  • Proficient negotiation skills and flexible.

  • Have some market knowledge, sales skills, business awareness and skilled customer relationships experience.

  • Sharp market insights, good at establishing and maintaining developers, supervisor dealers and sales channels.

  • Sensitive to statistic data collection, skilled use of Office.

  • Responsible person and work meticulously.

  • Have good communication skills, execution ability and excellent learning ability.

  • English or Chinese level of HSK 5 or above, able for daily communication. 

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