• Start using your OPPO smartphone

    Start using your OPPO smartphone

    Learn and complete the initial setup of OPPO smartphone, and start using.


    If you're switching to OPPO smartphone as your new phone

    Through Clone Phone, you can back up and transfer your information from the old phone to your OPPO smartphone.


    Set up your OPPO smartphone for the first time

    Before setup, insert your SIM card(s) to activate your OPPO smartphone, so that after the setup is complete, the phone will be in normal use.

    During setup, you can choose to return at any time to modify the previous setting.

    You can reset or change some of the settings even if the setup of OPPO smartphone is complete.

    Once the SIM card is first installed and the initial setup is complete, “Electronic card” window will pop out on your OPPO smartphone, view details if you need.


    1. Turn on your OPPO smartphone

    Long press the power button until the screen steady shows up “OPPO” logo.  Wait till the phone gets fully started, then start setup with the prompts.

    Get help if your phone won't turn on, or has stopped running.


    2. Select a Language and Region

    Select a language under your living location or usage habit, then choose your country or region. This affects how information looks on your OPPO smartphone, including Date & Time, Contacts, Email, and more.

    When selecting language, you can use Emergency call if you need.


    3. Use Mobile Data

    You need to choose to turn mobile data on or off.

    Get help if you cannot use mobile data.


    4. Connect to Wi-Fi network

    All available nearby Wi-Fi networks will be listed in your OPPO smartphone. Select a Wi-Fi network to complete the connection.

    You can connect to hidden available Wi-Fi networks through Manually Add A Network.

    If you’d like to connect to network later, or Wi-Fi is not available, skip it.

    Get help if you cannot connect to Wi-Fi.


    5. Google Account

    OPPO smartphone will ask if you use other Android devices.

    l  If you use other Android devices, you can choose to quickly copy existing Google Account information to OPPO smartphone.

    Get help if you cannot copy Google Accounts, Applications and Data.

    l  If you do not use other Android devices, or you do not want to copy Google Account information, please select "No, thanks" to continue.

           Once the information is checked, OPPO smartphone will remind you to add or sign in your Google account to get the most out of your phone.

        Get help if you need to recover your Google account, or create a new account.

        If you’d like to log in Google Account later, skip it.


    6. Set Passcode and Fingerprint

    Your phone can be protected by setting passcode and fingerprint. With fingerprint feature, you can unlock your phone and make purchases.

    Draw a Pattern when fingerprint feature is not available. If you want to set Custom Alphanumeric Code, or 4-Digit Numeric Code, click "Other Encryptions".

    Next, Add a Fingerprint for further protection of your data. If you’d like to set passcodes later, click “Cancel” after drawing the unlock pattern.

    If you do not want to set any passcode now, skip it before you start setup.


    7. Terms of Use

    Read through “User Agreement” and “Privacy Policy”, and participate in “User experience project” if you’d like to. OPPO will enhance the product and service by collecting your usage of various functions.


    8. Google services

    Read through the services provided by Google for detailed information.

    These services can be turned on or off at any time. OPPO will comply with Google's Privacy Policy and use the corresponding data as well.

    Next, read through and agree the terms of “Google services”. Click “NEXT” to continue.


    9. Finish up

    The initial setup of OPPO smartphone is complete. Click “Get started” to begin wonderful experience with OPPO smartphone.


    Keep your proof of purchase and paper warranty card properly for enjoying after-sales service of OPPO smartphone.

    Make a safe copy of your data by backing up regularly and learn more features in OPPO smartphone, view OPPO smartphone Manual.  

  • Use Email on Your OPPO smartphone

    Use Email on Your OPPO smartphone

    Learn the functions and usage of Email

    * Keep your account and password properly to prevent your personal information from leaking out.


    Sign in

    Go to [Email], enter your email address and password, then click [Sign in].

    *OPPO smartphone supports most of the commonly used mailboxes such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook.

    *If any problem occurs during login, an error message will prompt. In such case, we recommend you to manually change the Email server settings.


    In [General settings], you can create your "Nickname" and freely choose [Inbox sync frequency] according to your needs.

    It is recommended to turn on [Automatically download attachments when connected to Wi-Fi] to ensure timely downloading of Email contents under Wi-Fi network environment.

    You can also turn on [Size to retrieve new email when using mobile network] to avoid wasting your mobile data.

    Click [Done] to complete and save the current settings, then open Inbox.

    Click  to view all the unread emails. You can find search, write, select emails to move, tag, favorite, and delete options at the bottom of the screen.

    Enter  to view more features of OPPO smartphone Email.


    Add multiple email accounts

    You can check emails in multiple email accounts at the same time by OPPO smartphone.

    Go to [Email] and sign in. Find   in [Inbox] and select [Add account] to login other email accounts.

    You can freely switch mailboxes to check emails in different accounts.

    You can also choose [Merged] >   to view the unread emails in all accounts.


    Click   to enter mailbox settings.

    Modify and delete email accounts

    Select the email address you want to modify, then modify or delete it.

    Gesture password

    You can activate and draw gesture password as a key to enter mailbox to enhance your information security. To remove the gesture protection, you will be asked to draw the gesture again to complete the removal.


    Confirm before deleting & Confirm before sending

    You can freely choose to turn these two features on or off to avoid incorrect operations.


    Subject merge

    It is recommended to turn on [Subject merge]. OPPO smartphone will merge all same subject emails in chronological order to make it easier for you to check and follow up the status.


    Email preview rows

    You can adjust the preview rows according to your usage habit, so that to facilitate your reading and understanding.


    Do not Disturb

    You can set a time period during which you don’t want to be disturbed by new email notifications with [Do not Disturb] mode.



    Click    , you can view all the attachments under the current email account, and freely select one to preview or download.

    You can also find adjust the sort order of (time order by default), select attachments to delete, forward, and share options at the bottom of the screen.

  • Manually Add a Network on Your OPPO smartphone

    Manually Add a Network on Your OPPO smartphone                                               

    Learn how to manually add a network and complete the network connection.


    Hidden networks will not display in available Wi-Fi list, so you need to manually add a network to complete the network connection.

    Manually Add a Network

    Go to [Settings] > [Wi-Fi] > [Enable Wi-Fi] and make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on.

    At the bottom of Wi-Fi networks list, click [Manually Add a Network]. Enter Name, select Security, enter password and click [Connect] to complete the connection.

    * You can choose to show password or not when entering password.

    * Not all hidden networks are safe networks. You can check with your network administrator to make sure of the network security.

    Network is connected successfully if you see  beside the name of network and    in status bar.


  • Set up Date and time on your OPPO smartphone

     Set up Date and time on your OPPO smartphone

    Switch the display modes of date and time on OPPO smartphone according to your preference.


    Go to [Settings] > [Additional settings] > [Date and time] for specific settings.


    24-hour format

    When [24-hour format] is turned on, time displays in 24-hour format; when turned off, time displays in 12-hour format.

    Notice: Actual display effects differ by language and region.


    Choose date format

    OPPO smartphonesupports four typical international date formats. Choose the preferred one.





    The default date format displays in accordance with the regional settings.



    Automatically set date and time

    When [Automatically set date and time] is turned on, date and time will be auto adapted to the time zone of your location.  

    After turning off this feature, you can still adjust time zone, date and time by manual according to your location or need.



    1. “Automatically set date and time” feature is not supported by all operators and in all countries and regions.

    2. It is not recommended to turn off “Automatically set date and time” feature to facilitate daily use.

    3. It is not recommended to change time settings by manual to change the related functions of APPs (such as timing function in games).


    If your OPPO smartphonedisplays an incorrect date or time after connecting to computer

    1. Check if your computer’s time is wrong.

    2. Adjust your computer’s date and time first. Make sure “Automatically set date and time” is on, then reconnect OPPO smartphone to the computer.

    3. If needed, restart your OPPO smartphoneand try again, or contact OPPO service center for more professional assistance.


    If your phone displays incorrect date and time (time zone) when “Automatically set date and time” is on, or time zones/DST rule is changed by your country or region, or you cannot set date and time.

    Follow these troubleshooting steps:

    1. Update the system of your R9s and check if the problem persists.

    2. Turn off “Automatically set date and time” and change time zone, date and time by manual.

    3. Restart your OPPO smartphoneand try again.

    4. Contact OPPO service center for more professional assistance if needed.

  • Reset your OPPO smartphone to factory settings

    Reset your OPPO smartphone to factory settings

    Learn information and usage of [Factory data reset].


    What is “Factory data reset”

    Factory data reset is to reset your OPPO smartphone to its original inactivated system state by erasing data optionally.

    You can do [Factory data reset] if your phone becomes lagging, phone has too much junk files and caches, or has issues with system or applications.


    Get ready for resetting

    By doing [Factory data reset], all data in your phone will be permanently erased, so you need to make a backup and transfer that to your computer or SD card to prevent data loss.


    Reset your phone to factory settings

    Go to [Settings] > [Additional settings] > [Back up and reset] > [Factory data reset] to reset your OPPO smartphone.

    In [Factory data reset], OPPO smartphone has four options. Choose one according to your needs:

    * Any reset option cannot be revoked once it is operated.[Erase all app data and apps that can be uninstalled]

    Through this option, all app data and removable apps will be erased. Only the personal data you saved, like photos and music, will be kept.


    [Erase all content and settings]

    Through this option, all data of OPPO smartphone will be cleared including contents, settings, photos and music. OPPO smartphone 

    will be reset to inactivated initial state, which is factory state.


    [Erase the contacts and call history on this phone]

    By choosing this option, all the contacts and call history on this phone will be erased. Only the contacts on the SIM card will be preserved. 

    Other data on OPPO smartphone will not be affected.


    [Erase the SMS and MMS messages on this phone]

    By choosing this option, all the SMS and MMS messages on this phone will be erased. Only the SMS messages on the SIM card will be preserved. 

    Other data on OPPO smartphone will not be affected.




    If data on your OPPO smartphone cannot be erased through [Factory data reset]

    You can turn off the phone, long press the power button and volume down button at the same time till entering Recovery mode.

    Select the language, then click [Wipe data] > [Wipe data (Keep SMS, Contacts and Photos)] to start wiping.

    In this process, all of your data will be completely erased except Contacts, SMS, installed APPs and stored files such as Photos, Music, Videos and Zip files.

    For your personal privacy and mobile security, Lockscreen password will also be kept.


  • What should I do if my phone does not switch on but keeps switching off on its own?

    Please check the possible reason and trouble shooting steps below to resolve your issue:

    1. Fully charge the battery according to the instructions listed in the user guide;

    2. Remove and re-insert the battery according to the instructions listed in the user guide (For phones with removable battery);

    3. Check that if you are using an original battery and charger compatible with your phone model (You can find compatibility information in your user guide);

    4. If you have access to another battery and charger of the same type as yours, try substituting them to determine if the issue is on the phone, the battery, or the charger;

    5. Make sure your device is running the latest software, please update it if not.

  • How can I prolong my battery life on my mobile phone?

    Use the following guidelines to increase your battery life:

    1. Turn Bluetooth off when you do not need it;

    2. Please turn off scanning, disable Show WLAN availability in Wireless LAN settings when you are not using Wi-Fi;

    3. The brightness of the screen may affect the standby time of battery power. In the display settings, you can change the time-out (sleep) time, and adjust the brightness to auto;

    4. Leaving applications running in the background increases the consumption of battery power, please close the application you do not use;

    5. Please turn off vibrate function of your mobile phone, and just use the ring tone to prolong the battery life;

    6. Please try not to leave apps, pictures, video playing under background. 

    If the battery drains fast even though there is no features consuming the power, the battery may be wearing out and you need to replace it with a new one.

  • What should I do if my phone is always too hot?

    It is normal that the smartphone device gets hot when playing videos or games on it or charging it because there are a lot of apps running in the background, however, we can prevent it from getting too hot if we follow the instructions below:

    1. Turn off the function and apps seldom used such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS etc.;

    2. Turn down the brightness of the screen and reduce the screen sleep time;

    3. Turn off the apps running in the background periodically and clear cache periodically to keep enough running space all the time;

    4. Uninstall abnormal apps with bugs which may cause much heat during running;

    5. Try not to use phone during charging unless necessary.