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OPPO Reno FC Barcelona Edition

The Color of Miracles

FC Barcelona is more than a football club. It is a team that has redefined modern football with its spirit, style and artistry. It stands on the pinnacle of the football world, having won the most number of trophies. It conquers every team that stands in its way with a blend of spectacular football and unwavering spirit. Blue and Garnet is the symbol of FC Barcelona as a glorious football club and master of spirit and style.

Blue and Garnet

Exclusive to FC Barcelona

Blue reflects calmness and precision in executing the most spectacular play in the most challenging situations; Garnet represents the passion and spirit that drives the team forward. Blue and Garnet flows in the blood of FC Barcelona and drives the football club towards new heights. Experience the mastery and artistry of the Blue and Garnet with OPPO Reno FC Barcelona Edition.

Golden FC Barcelona Logo

A Reminder of a Glorious Past

The golden FC Barcelona logo embodies the football club's legendary 120-year history that is filled with victories and honors. Imprinted on the back of the phone, you can feel the weight of success in your grasp.

Customized FC Barcelona ColorOS 6 Designed for Passion

FC Barcelona dazzles the world with its perfect balance of diligence, humility, ambition, dignity and team spirit. The Customized FC Barcelona ColorOS 6 provides quick access to FC Barcelona's fixtures and other exclusive content such as ringtones and watermark. Just like how Tiki-Taka revolutionized football with its close coordination, these features work in tandem just like FC Barcelona.


10x Hybrid Zoom

Bringing You Closer to the Miracle

A miracle can happen in an instance and deserves to be captured up close. OPPO Reno FC Barcelona Edition is equipped with a 48MP ultra-clear camera + 13MP telephoto lens + 8MP ultra-wide-angel lens combo. It provides 10x hybrid zoom and up to 60x digital zoom. Take clearer pictures from a farther distance.

  • Periscope
  • 16-160mm
  • Dual OIS
  • 0.001445°
  • Telephoto Lens
  • ‘Full Focal’ Length Coverage
  • Image Stabilization
  • Accuracy
  • 16-160mm ‘Full Focal’ Length Coverage
  • Dual OIS Image Stabilization
  • 0.001445° Accuracy
  • Periscope Telephoto Lens
Ultra Wide Angle 5X 10X

Ultra Wide Angle

A Clear View of the Entire Pitch

The 120° ultra-wide-angle lens expands the field of view even further. Capture every moment instantly without missing any details.

Ultra Night Mode 2.0

Seize the Night of Miracle

Record every victory, even at night. OPPO Reno FC Barcelona Edition is equipped with a Sony IMX 586 48MP ultra-clear camera. Combined with Multi Frame Noise Reduction (MFNR) and HDR software algorithms, it will capture all the "highlights" even in a dark environment.

  • 1/2.0"
  • f/1.7
  • 48MP
  • Multi-Frame
  • Ultra-large Sensors
  • Ultra-large Aperture
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Ultra-clear Camera
  • 1/2.0" Ultra-large Sensors
  • f/1.7 Ultra-large Aperture
  • 48MP Noise Reduction Technology
  • Multi-Frame Ultra-clear Camera


Flagship Configuration Winning at Full Speed

Speed makes a good player great. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform with 8GB + 256GB of internal memory combo, a triple cooling system, 4D vibration and the all-new Game Boost 2.0, OPPO Reno FC Barcelona Edition delivers the smoothest gaming experience.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Triple cooling system
  • 4D vibration
  • Game Boost 2.0

Hidden Fingerprint Sensor

Unlock at the Speed of Light

An upgraded recognition structure combined with a more efficient algorithm enables even faster unlocking.

10% Increased

The brightness of unlock area
28.5% Increased

The speed for fingerprint unlocking

VOOC 3.0

Guaranteed to Last

OPPO Reno FC Barcelona Edition comes with the all-new VOOC 3.0 that uses the newest VFC flash charge algorithm to shorten the overall charging time by 23.8% compared to the previous iteration. Charge and play? No problem. Charge faster and play longer.

4065mAh battery VFC flash charge algorithm Charging speed is increased by 100% at trickle charging stage.


1. The 10x Hybrid Zoom function is only available for Reno 10x Zoom version.

2. 10x Hybrid Zoom: 10x Hybrid Zoom uses an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, 48MP ultra-clear main camera, and 13MP telephoto lens combo to bring high performance results when using the 10x Zoom in a variety of environments. (Reno 10x Zoom version provides for a full 10x range of zoom with variable focal length from 16mm – 160mm.) Up to 60x digital zoom is now supported for Reno 10x Zoom version.3. Reno adopts a 48MP+5MP dual rear camera.

4. 6.4 inches (Reno) or 6.6 inches (Reno 10x Zoom)  is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are taken to be pointed corners (i.e. actual size is marginally smaller).

5. 4065mAh is the typical battery value for Reno 10x Zoom. 3765mAh is the typical battery value for Reno.  

6. The data of Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6 is from the official website of Corning.

7. The comparative data of temperature rise comes from OPPO internal tests. The environment temperature is 25±5℃, and the default setting is HD and high frame rate, to simulate the user playing the game to compare the temperature rise with or without copper pipes liquid cooling technology.

8. In the case of multi-path scenarios in specific cities, with CEP 95%, the dual-frequency GPS has an 66.8% increase from single frequency GPS.

9. The frame rate acceleration data is from OPPO internal tests. At room temperature, with high frame rate and high picture quality mode on, to do a live 5V5 matchup and compare the performance with or without Frame Boost.

10. The touch acceleration data is from OPPO internal tests. The comparative data is about the response performance of tap and swipe on the desktop, movement speed of the game characters and so on.

11. The charging speed is increased by 100% at the trickle charging stage: the comparative data is from the comparison between VOOC 3.0 and VOOC 2.0.

12. International Warranty Service is only available for Reno 10x Zoom version. In countries or regions where it is officially sold, users can enjoy the repair and upgrade service at any OPPO authorized service center, excluding the return and replacement service. International Warranty Service is only available in these regions: India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, China Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Turkey. Reno 10x Zoom devices in the above countries or regions can also enjoy IWS in China mainland.

13. Product pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data in the page came from OPPO designed technical parameters, and test data from the laboratories and from suppliers. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.

14. Game Shock is currently available for AOV (Chinese version) and Ace Force only. More games will be added in the future.