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OPPO R1k  Luminescent Colors

Luminescent Colors

Classical Revival

Luminescent Screen, Exquisite Aesthetics

Using specially selected third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, the R1k's screen is exquisitely crafted after 6 months of careful handling that involves 13 polishing processes for the back cover, 20 hours of diamond-cutting processes, and 42 refinement procedures. The finished luminescent screen exudes a fascinating radiance.

OPPO R1k  Slim and Lightweight at 7.1mm

Slim and Lightweight at 7.1mm

The R1k's ultra slim 7.1 mm body comprises a one-piece design with no excess interface or complicated dividers. Paired with a metallic frame that has undergone eight rounds of precise CNC cut and polishes. The R1k encompasses a subtle shine which radiates style and quality.

OPPO R1k  Dust-free and Timeless Lense

Dust-free and Timeless Lense

The R1k's camera employs a built-in and dust-free design. With the camera module and lens being completely protected behind the rear glass cover, there is no need to fear dust pollution or damage.

OPPO R1k  13MP Stacked Lense

13MP Stacked Lense

For Better Image Quality

13MP Lens for Professional Image Quality

The R1k wields one of the best chips in terms of photographic effects among smartphone cameras. The 13MP stacked lense is the Sony imx214 CMOS chip, which has a light-sensitive area of up to 1/3.2 inch, 6P spherical lens, and F2.0 ultra-large aperture. This increases the light intake of the R1k which enables higher resolutions and a more sensitive photo reception, which results in marvelous image quality.

OPPO R1k  32-second Long Exposure <br />For Amazingly Detailed Night Shots

32-second Long Exposure
For Amazingly Detailed Night Shots

Currently the R1k is the only model with a long exposure function that is usually only found in high-end DSLR cameras. With the 32s long exposure function you can capture beautiful photographs even in the dark.

OPPO R1k  Slow-speed Video Playback

Slow-speed Video Playback

The R1k is equipped with ultra high-speed video recording capability (reaching up to 120 frames per second), which is 4 times faster than other ordinary mobile phones. The slow-speed playback function allows you to carefully appreciate every single detail of the video and watch it in slow motion.

OPPO R1k  Qualcomm Quad-core

Qualcomm Quad-core

More Power with the

The all-new Qualcomm quad-core 1.6 GHz processor is both fast and robust. Together with 1GB of high-speed RAM you can operate your phone with great efficiently and performance.

OPPO R1k  All-new ColorOS 1.2,

All-new ColorOS 1.2,

Enjoy Smart Living

Off-screen Gestures for Smart Launch

With the BSG 2.0 function, you can customize different gestures to represent various functions. Even during the off-screen state, you can draw designated gestures to quickly launch the desired applications. This makes general operations convenient and effective.

OPPO R1k  Smart Somatosensory System <br />and Contact-less Actions

Smart Somatosensory System
and Contact-less Actions

Multiple smart somatosensory functions facilitated by the camera and virtual gyroscope allow you to easily maneuver and operate your phone, including hands-free speaker switching, automatic answering, turning to mute, auto-dialing, and gesturing to flip pages.

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Height 142.7 mm
Width 70.4 mm
Thickness 7.1 mm
Weight 136 g