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R11s & R11s Plus

Starry sky screen

Most aesthetic
full screen

Since time immemorial, people have always looked to the stars, and continue
to be amazed. And this time, OPPO has created a stunning gradient screen just
for you. The screen of the phone looks shrouded in a barely visible halo just like
a tranquil starry sky.

Ultra-wide full screen

your view

With attractively slight at 6.01 inches and ultra-high 85.8% screen ratio, when the
new 18:9 full screen switches on the phone, it unveils an exciting new world in
vivid colors to create an immersive experience within those inches, even as it
makes the phone feels lighter and more exquisite.

Immersive virtual keys

The beauty
of full screen

The OPPO R11s series not only uses the adaption of a virtual button to achieve
a full-screen display, it also optimizes the interfaces for 335 main apps. Users
can also choose to use navigation gestures to feel the beauty of a full screen
as it turns on.

OPPO’s design concept

Balance user
experience with

OPPO's designers have pondered hard on and overcame many technical problems
to create better user experience. We have specially customized rounded R-corners,
and reduced the overall size of the front camera module by 22.7% to suit the screen.
A full screen means that R11s has narrower top and bottom, smaller camera module,
and less space for the headphone jack and buttons. Eventually, we placed a 6.01
inches screen into the 5.5 inches phone body so that it is more comfortable to hold.

Crescent Arc

The near-perfect crescent arc in OPPO R11s was craved from a piece of aluminum
metal using a customized crescent shaped knife to further enhance the aesthetics
in the light and slim. This not only rearranges the jack for speaker and button for
volume control, games are more fun as players no longer have to worry about the
muted sound volume while playing games.

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