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R11s & R11s Plus

Brand new dual camera upgrade

Clear photo
in day and night

The two rear cameras in OPPO R11s are both primary cameras. One is a 16MP
camera to meet the requirements of a regular portrait photo in the daytime, while
the other is a 20MP camera specially designed for portrait shooting in the dark, a
super powerful combination to take clear photos both in day and night.

Shot on OPPO R11s

Portrait Photography

Every shot is
a cover shot

No matter in backlighting or low light, R11s houses a 16MP
camera to stand out the portrait. In the night, the 20MP
camera will intelligently identify the dark scenes, and
rearrange the pixel combination, making a 2.0µm super
pixel for four times photosensitive area. Together with a dual
f/1.7 aperture, the camera can highlight the prominent
facial features, and add layers to the photo with richer
colors and less noise. Every photo is now a cover shot.

Shot on OPPO R11s

Bokeh effect

Soft and natural

The dual camera can intelligently gauge the distance, and together with
professional algorithm for depth measurement, OPPO R11s can create a soft and
natural depth-of-field effect to highlight the subject. With dual f/1.7 large aperture,
the bokeh effect is more natural whether you are shooting in the day or at night.

Shot on OPPO R11s

OPPO Portrait Lab

In order to create better photo effects for portraits, OPPO has built the Portrait Lab.
Members of this lab includes Russell James, photographer for Victoria's Secret for
20 years , make-up artistes, retouching specialists.They can provide a large
number of suggestions on adjustments for these portraits to create more amazing
photo effects for both front and rear shooting using the OPPO R11s.

Shot on OPPO R11s

Upgrade of 20MP front camera

A.I. beauty
recognition technology

This time, OPPO has personalized A.I. beauty recognition technology, by setting up a
big selfie database that uses A.I. neural network algorithms to collects 254 facial
features and analyzes the features from multiple dimensions including gender, age,
skin texture, skin color, expression, and physical condition. This allows R11s being your
professional image consultant to intelligently apply the appropriate beauty treatment
to every user to provide customized and personalized beauty services for users.

254 facial

A.I. beauty recognition

Two Millions of Beauty effects

Find the one
that suits
you best

OPPO R11s provides a variety of enhancement effects. For
example, it can brighten the skin and eyes, remove shine
and smoothen skin. The A.I. beauty recognition technology
can provide users with two millions of different beauty
effects that make women more beautiful, men more masculine, and individuals unique.

Shot on OPPO R11s

Tighten the contour lines

Enhance facial
stereo feeling

Using the structural features in human aesthetics, the A.I.
beauty recognition technology can appropriately tighten
the facial contour lines based on the user's unique
features. The skin looks younger and firmer and with
suitable adjustment of lighting on the face, we can
enhance the three-dimensional facial features to create
more prominent and glowing cheeks.

Fixing the eyes and nasolabial folds

For greater

By identifying the user's age, dark eye circles and
wrinkles will be appropriately removed, and the
eyes are brightened so that they look instantly younger.
In addition, the beauty algorithm can also smooth out
nasolabial folds so that you look younger and natural, boosting your confidence in selfies.

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