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OPPO Joy  <strong>Quick Reach,</strong> by ColorOS

Quick Reach, by ColorOS

Gesture Panel

With ColorOS, OPPO Joy has the new and smart function of gesture panel.
you can access specific apps by drawing a simple picture on the gesture panel.

OPPO Joy  <strong>High</strong> Sensitivity

High Sensitivity

Gloves Mode

With the improvement of touch technology, OPPO Joy comes with gloves mode function.
You can access the screen and operate your phone freely when using gloves.

OPPO Joy  <strong>Dual SIM,</strong> Gives You More Space of Freedom

Dual SIM, Gives You More Space of Freedom

Dual SIM Card

OPPO Joy has dual SIM card support so that you can use two numbers at once
and connect to the world on your own terms.

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Height 124 mm
Width 63 mm
Thickness 9.9 mm
Weight 125 g