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20MP A.I. beauty front camera

Introducing the all-seeing A75 camera that captures human beauty in all its forms – no matter
your age, gender, skin tone or skin type. Propelled by complex algorithms underpinning
Artificial Intelligence technology, the A75’s 20MP front camera brings out your photogenic best.

Facial feature optimization

Put your best face forward by relying on the unique facial feature optimization technology showcased in the
A75. With more than 200 positioning spots, the A75 accentuates your facial landmarks and contours to
enhance the symmetry between features like your eyes, nose, cheekbones and jawline to create the
perfectly refined and natural selfie. Its beauty-iris tool ensures that your eyes will shine brighter in any photo.

Face comes first

Whatever the scene - be it a romantic sunset, after-work drinks, yoga in the park, or a crowded mall –the
A75 can differentiate between background light conditions to add luminance to your portraits for stunning
cover shots every time.

Bokeh effect

Together with a prominent bokeh effect that yields a pleasant out-of-focus backdrop, your face becomes
the main object of admiration with vivid details and brighter tones.

F2.0 aperture
and 1/2.8" sensor

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, the OPPO
A75 caters to your snaps through all hours with an ultra
sensitive F2.0 aperture and 1/2.8” sensor in the front
camera. Both features allow the smartphone camera to
gain more information to produce better images with
less noise in low light conditions.

16MP rear camera

Flip to the back and the F1.8 aperture in the rear camera also performs brilliantly for brighter
and clearer shots in darker settings.

Let the OPPO A75 be your go-to camera for clear, natural and vivid selfies no matter the hour.