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Massive System on Earthquake Early Warning
Institute of Care-life(Chengdu Meihuan Technology Co., Ltd.)
Lyratone Hearing aid and Hearing Protect Technical solutions
Lyratone Technologies,Inc.
Solution of making exclusive mobile phones for the hearing-impaired people
Zhejiang Nurotron Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
BeHear-Innovative Hearing Solutions
Alango Technologies Limited
Machine Vision Solutions for vision impairment
Beijing Jadebird Vision Technology Co., ltd.
A cognitive function evaluation system based on multimodal fusion
Peking University Third Hosipital
Lingxin-computational psychiatry diagnosis and treatment system
Lingxin Intelligence Co., Ltd
Interactive Holographic Imaging Technology
Anhui Easpeed Technology Co., Ltd.
TangTangquan- Diabetes digital therapeutic solutions
Shenzhen Aibaowi Biotechnology Co., LTD
Sleep Journey Optimization with EEG Hearables
IDUN Technologies AG