A first for crystal
clear sound
Flagship Bluetooth
Audio SoC
Breakthrough Bluetooth performance, unprecedented computing power and uncompromising energy efficiency; MariSilicon Y helps next-generation flagship devices achieve stellar sound quality and a smarter, more personalized audio experience without draining the battery.
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A World First for
Bluetooth Wireless Audio
A World First for
Bluetooth Wireless Audio
Pro Bluetooth Pack
Data Rate
Unprecedented On-device
Computing Power
590 GOPS
Personalized Spatial Audio
Online to Live
First 24-bit/192 kHz
Ultra-high Resolution
Lossless Audio via Bluetooth
Unleash perfect sound with the world’s first 24-bit/192 kHz wireless lossless audio. The ultra-high-speed Bluetooth solution combines unprecedented 12Mbps bandwidth with OPPO’s proprietary URLC codec, for spectacular sound quality in a world without wires.
Highest bandwidth ever
Lossless audio achieved for the first time over wireless
24-bit/192 kHz
Your favorite track,
Good as new
24-bit/192 kHz 
Lossless audio
24-bit/48 kHz
Lossy audio
Original sound
Lossless audio
Lossy audio
Part of loss
High-performance NPU
590 GOPS of computing power
More than enough processing power for you to listen to the songs you love, however you want. With Music Extraction you can separate out the key parts of any track, placing them in your virtual space for a truly personalized spatial audio experience.
The most advanced N6RF process
Using the most advanced RF process to date, MariSilicon Y distills unprecedented audio performance into a fingernail-sized footprint, allowing flagship devices to offer unrivalled audio capabilities without compromising design.
Lower Transceiver
Power Consumption
Smaller Size