2022 OPPO Renovators - Emerging Artists Project
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Our commitment
The OPPO Renovators – Emerging Artists Project organising committee hereby pledges that the programme will adhere to principles of openness and fairness. We will publicise judges’ results in a timely manner, and award certificates and prizes in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in this document.
Purpose of the Programme
Who are the Renovators?
If you have a grand vision to empower social development with science, technology and art – and if you seek to inspire ever more people to pursue beauty and happiness – we’re really looking forward to helping you to be stronger.

The OPPO Renovators - Emerging Artists Project aims to establish a platform for art and design, by cooperating with colleges and universities around the world to foster genuine innovation.
Our world is driven not only by innovations in technology, but also by powerful and professional presentations that take a truly artistic approach.
Sparks of inspiration will fly as art meets technology, and an epic journey of sensory experience begins.

We look to inspire young creators to share their thoughts and stories through artistic expression supported by science and technology – and to reach a global audience.
Combining science and technology with art makes genuine innovation possible. It also allows driven people to live smart lifestyles, while promoting the latest technology and enhancing society.
This is a call to the upcoming young talent that can change our world!
Contest Categories:
  1. Category 1: Future Renovators – applying art, science and technology in creating better lives.
    1. As human beings, we keep exploring and imagining our future, and today’s young creators are forever looking forward – even when faced with more complex and pressing challenges than ever before, such as the worldwide pandemic, the climate crisis, the intensification of social stratification and the difficulties in global collaboration. Those creators see and realize clear opportunities to highlight and tackle such issues, looking forward and beyond these challenges.
    2. We look forward to receiving works – either of product design or solution proposal – that cover areas such as smart life, sustainable development, application of new materials, low-carbon environmental protection, security and privacy protection, multimedia innovation, inter-connection, and many more. We want to co-generate a vast range of ideas for promoting progress within our industry and throughout wider society.
    3. With that in mind, we welcome collaborators from the disciplines of art, industry design, computer technology, interdisciplinary research and other emerging fields – to submit their conceptual proposals, creative research, and ideas for business incubation that will bring art, science and technology together in creating a better world.
    4. Submission Categories:
      1. · Industry design of new form factor
      2. · Interactive experiences
      3. · Smart wearables
      4. · Digital multimedia artwork
      5. · Animated video
      6. · Plain painting and graphic design
      7. · Installation art
      8. · Innovative material design
      9. · Robotic artwork
      10. · Others
  2. Category 2: Brand Renovators – Cross Art Creation and IP building
  3. Today, everything seems to be connected through interactive technology, so the ability to integrate ideas and trends from different fields is more important than ever. In the international contemporary art community, working with commerce is now common practice, so for this category we have two directions:
    1. Direction 1: Reno Artwork
      1. As a medium to high-end OPPO smartphone, the Reno series aims to innovate with technology continuously, make it easier to create great artwork, support creation, show the power of science and technology, and encourage the public to keep thinking “Inspiration Ahead” – looking forward at what else can be achieved.
      2. What possibilities does Reno unleash in your mind?
      3. How will you embrace the future and express your imagination with Reno’s technology, style, and suitability for boundary-breaking artistic expression?
      4. More info:https://www.oppo.com/en/smart
      5. Submission categories:
        1. · Reno cross-art
        2. · Plane Painting and graphic design
        3. · Digital multimedia artwork
        4. · Animated video
        5. · Others
    2. Direction 2: Ollie IP’s application design
      1. What would you do with the budget and resources to make Ollie a more popular IP?
      2. Ollie is a virtual friend of the youth community, a guardian of emerging creative energy, and a character with feelings and stories to share.
      3. In this category, we encourage you to apply your imagination and use Ollie to express what you’d like in an ideal world.
      4. You may also want to take the following concerns into consideration when designing Ollie:
        1. · A commercial property boss may wonder if they can have an Ollie-themed store.
        2. · An AR glasses CEO is interested in using Ollie’s image in their AR scenarios.
        3. · An online community manager wants to have a mobile theme using Ollie.
        4. · A cultural merchandising product design director would really like to add Ollie to their cyber collections.
      5. Of course, you decide what’s best for Ollie!
      6. If you are an IP manager, you can design a way to have fun with Ollie.
      7. Whatever you decide to do, we will need to see the blueprint, and how the ideas work in practice.
      8. Submission categories:
        1. · Ollie application scenario design
        2. · Ollie-themed memorabilia design
        3. · Ollie character interactive design
Hosted by:Guangdong OPPO Mobile Communications Corp., Ltd.
Academic Institution: School of Intermedia Art, CAA
Strategic Partner: Sea World Culture and Arts Center
Organised by: Lilyard Limited
Academic Initiator: Dajuin Yao, Vice Dean of School of Intermedia Art, Chair of Open Media Department, Director of Mixed Reality Lab, China Academy of Art

Brand Initiator: William Liu, Vice President of OPPO, President of Global Marketing of OPPO

Jury Panel:
  1. · Xu Han. Vice President of China Academy of Art, Vice Dean of School of Innovation and Design, China Academy of Art
  2. · Qingyuan Liu. Vice Dean of School of Intermedia Art, Director of Experimental Art Department, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
  3. · Alexandra Grimmer. Independent Curator, Publicist
  4. · Gerben Schermer. Curator of Animation and Contemporary Art, Producer, Visiting Professor at the China Academy of Art, Director of the Holland Animation Film Festival 1985-2018
  5. · Takahiro Kaneshima. Independent Curator, Former Art Director of Art Beijing, Visiting Professor of Kyoto University of the Arts
  6. · Ding Zhang. Young Contemporary Artist
  7. · Hope Liu. Head of OPPO Industrial Design Center
  8. · Mats Hakansson. Creative Director of OPPO Creative Lab
  9. · Amber Zhang. General Manager Assistant of China Merchants Culture, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Design and Art Alliance
Arrangements (CST)
  1. Launch and subscription: From CST 0:00 on May 13th to CST 24:00 on May 30th ,2022.
  2. Registration and collection of works: From CST 0:00, May 31st to CST 24:00, August 18th, 2022.
  3. Preliminary selection: August 19th to September 1st,2022.
    The expert jury will select 100 finalists, and announce results officially on September 1st.
  4. Final results: September 1st to September 8th,2022.
    The expert jury will select the TOP 20 winners, and announce names officially on September 8th.
  5. Award announcements: September 8th to September 15th,2022.
    We will list winners on the official website and other media channels.
  6. Award certificates: September 15th to September 30th,2022.
    Certificates will be distributed after the public notice period.
  1. Registration:
    1. Each contestant can only register once on the official website.
    2. Participating teams must comprise no more than five members, and must only register once on the official competition website.
    3. All contestants must be aged 45 or under.
    4. Contestants should register on the official website and submit their full details and works by CST 24:00 August 18th, 2022.
  2. Works:
    1. Contestants can submit their work upon completing the registration, and take part in both categories. The number of submitted works is not limited, but the same work must not be submitted repeatedly in different categories.
    2. The deadline for all submissions is CST 24:00 August 18th 2022.
    3. Contestants should ensure the name of the artwork is original, and relevant to the theme.
    4. Document Requirements : Any submitted work that fails to meet the following requirements will automatically be withdrawn from the competition.
      1. · Submit your works as documents, pictures or videos, or a combination of the two or three.
      2. · Document Format: Must be in PDF format.
      3. · Imagery Parameters: Imagery should be in JPG format, size A3 landscape, 300DPI
      4. · Work must be submitted with a written description of the design and creative concept – either in Chinese or English. Descriptions should not exceed 300 words (English) or 600 characters without punctuation (Chinese). Personal information must not appear in any form, or the entry will be disqualified immediately.
      5. · If applying for Category No.2 Brand Renovators, please refer to the attachment for information on design requirements and template files.
    5. Requirements for uploading work.
      1. · After registering on the official website, you can choose the submission category and upload your works together with the cover according to the instructions.
      2. · Maximum allowed size for each file: 300MB.
    6. You can log in to your account to refine or replace uploaded works and descriptions, until the submission deadline.
  3. All contestants must guarantee the originality of their submitted works and take full responsibility for their intellectual property.
  4. Work must not infringe others’ copyright, right of reputation, portrait and name, or any other related personal rights.
  5. Contestants must not use any design work of a third party. If any form of plagiarism or infringements are identified, the offending participant will be disqualified immediately from the competition, and any award, prize, certificate, etc. will be withdrawn. Notification of such disqualification will also be given on the competition’s official website.
  6. Images and videos that violate relevant national laws and regulations are not allowed. Nor are irrelevant images and videos, or any that cause copyright disputes. Uploaded works must not contain any commercial brand placement.
  7. The hosting organiser reserves the right of final interpretation for all activities in the programme.
Assessment criteria
  1. Creativity. Work should reflect the interrelationship of science, technology, art and life, and how they empower each other. The work’s creator should also be open to using new media and techniques in discussing issues of the future. The work should be original and unique.
  2. Artistry. The form of the work should have sufficient aesthetic value to promote and enhance human emotional connection and empathy. The work should bring inspiration and spiritual strength to its audience.
  3. Feasibility. Design should be appropriate to its user scenarios, and designers should take scalability, and industry and social impact, into consideration.
  4. Expressiveness. Use art and design to address the thematic issues. The work should be artistically expressive, recognisable and appealing.
Awards and prizes
  1. Cash and awards:
    1. 2022 Future Renovator. One winner receives a cash prize of CNY100,000, an award certificate, and an internship opportunity sponsored by OPPO.
    2. 2022 Brand Renovator. One winner receives a cash prize of CNY100,000, an award certificate, and an internship opportunity sponsored by OPPO.
    3. 2022 Renovators Creativity Award. Four winners each receive a cash prize of CNY50,000, an award certificate, and OPPO products worth CNY10,000.
    4. 2022 Renovators Emerging Talent Award. Four winners each receive a cash prize of CNY20,000, an award certificate, and OPPO products worth CNY10,000.
    5. 2022 Renovators New Concept Award. Ten winners each receive OPPO products worth CNY10,000, and an award certificate.
    6. 2022 Renovators Shortlist Award. 80 winners each receive OPPO Enco X2 headphones (worth CNY999) and an award certificate.
  2. Global Showcase
    1. · Excellent artworks will be showcased at London Design Festival, a themed exhibition in Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Art Center, and an OPPO INNO DAY.
  3. Business application opportunities:
    1. · We will reward outstanding work with potential collaboration opportunities with OPPO partners, including internet service providers, the OPPO Research Institute, retailing, cultural merchandising, and more.
    2. · Long-term incubation opportunity with other investment companies.
  4. Career opportunities:
    1. · 100 nominees will enjoy access to OPPO Global Youth Community’s design resources, and get to collaborate with global designers and artists.
    2. · The 100 nominees will receive feedback and comments on their work from mentors and advisors. There will also be opportunities as guest speakers in experts’ and scholars’ salon talks.
    3. · Ten finalists will be prioritised for OPPO internships and enjoy direct access to final interviews for Class of 2023 campus recruitment.
  5. Media Resources:
    1. · They can also enhance their public profiles, through exposure on global art media.
Intellectual property
  1. Entries must be original works with independent intellectual property rights, and must not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. Legal disputes caused by contestants shall be borne by the contestants themselves.
  2. The signatures and related intellectual property rights of the entries are all owned by the contestants.
  3. The organising committee is entitled to priority to the collection and merchandising of the works. Purchase and development costs will be negotiated with the creator according to the specific situation of the work.
Publicity and confidentiality
The purpose of this event is to provide young people with the opportunity to showcase their talents on a global stage. You are advised to secure local patent or intellectual property protection before you submit your entry. The organising committee will not appropriate your ideas by any means.
The organising committee is entitled to use the materials submitted by contestants for the worldwide promotion purpose of this competition. It includes, but is not limited to, photography, exhibitions, news reports, compilations, publications and other applications by OPPO for all non-commercial derivatives. It is valid for three years. In case of any special needs of confidentiality, the content owner must submit a written application upon registration, or the artwork will be considered non-confidential and public. The organising committee shall not be responsible for any loss caused by the public exhibition of these artworks.
For the sake of providing good operation and loading experience for global users, the information on the Chinese webpage will be stored in the data center in China and the information on the English webpage will be stored in the data center in Singapore.