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See Beyond - OPPO Creators Awards Amsterdam Exhibition 2019


How many photos do you take in a day? A week? A year?  We take it for granted that any moment can now be captured with a click of a button. Yet in the rush to fill our phones with memories, we less often consider that in the right hands, and with the right point of view, smartphone photography can be an art form in its own right. 


The See Beyond OPPO Creators Awards were established to celebrate this idea and inspire a new generation of photography lovers. From over 40,000 entries, OPPO selected the best 55, all shot exclusively on smartphones. Each offers a window into a moment of spontaneous creativity inspired by scenes that seem both everyday and unexpected. It’s this tension which is at the heart of ‘See Beyond’ - the belief that beauty reveals itself when we look past first appearances to spot the stories happening beneath. 


During the 8.30-9.1 Amsterdam exhibition, local media, influencers and citizens all enjoyed the visit and left feeling inspired by the creative possibilities. By holding the exhibitions, OPPO not only impressed Amsterdam people, but  also provided more global exposure opportunities for creators around the world.


OPPO Photography Talent Program


We invited our prize winners to further foster their creativity and take their photography skills to the next level at the OPPO Photography Talent Program. Traveling to Gansu  Province, China, the group were coached through master-class sessions from conceptualization to execution by world-class photographers. Their photography  subjects were the local Yugar people, a small ethnic group of approximately 15,000  with origins dating back to the 8th century.


Reno 10x Zoom: Capturing Imagination


Reno 10x Zoom, the latest OPPO smartphone, has captured the imagination of  creators across the globe. Equipped with a triple-lens setup, 10x Hybrid Zoom, Reno 10x Zoom can truly capture stunning photography in almost every scenario, offering users the most enhanced camera technology and user experience.