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The Altitude of Photography: F11 Pro x Mt. Everest


Inspired by the altitude of Mt. Everest, OPPO presents a first ever landmark move collaborating with mountaineer Dr Nima Namgyal Sherpa along with photographer Adam Meng to trek the Everest Base Camp and capture the majestic picturesque landscape with the OPPO F11 Pro.


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but it can also be shared with F11 Pro! As a result, we have the first-ever mesmerizing pictures taken by the F11 Pro of Mt. Everest in its glory and grandeur.


The stunning photographs closely capture the breath-taking experience of the trek. On the routes where life necessities like food and water are luxuries and climbers have to carry double their weight through the complete trek, the F11 Pro not only replaced the large amount of camera equipment but also offered a wide range of features to make the trek memories great.


Spotting The Perfect Mountain

The pictures taken by the F11 Pro flawlessly capture the epic beauty of the mountains and freshness of the great outdoors. The F11 Pro captured the scenery from the timeless land of pure beauty. Spectacular is the only word that comes to mind when we take a look at the photos.

The Artistic Canvas


The pristine beauty of the Himalayas, can be only witnessed by those who have the courage to scale the heights. Thankfully, the F11 Pro captured it flawlessly for all of us to fall in love with and reminded us of an artist's canvas.

The Himalayan Landscape

A wide angle shot on F11 Pro captures the landscape beautifully, which is a delight to the eyes.


Dazzling View Of The Camp In The Night

A night that looks stunningly out of this world, captured on F11 Pro during a night stop. The excellent dynamic range capabilities capture the beautiful detail across the mountain side. 


A Bridge Along The Journey

Yaks, iron bridges and prayer flags decorate the mountain side. Yaks are used to carry many items across the iron bridges. While the picture may motivate you enough to take a stroll on this bridge, let us warn you, to walk this narrow bridge you need a strong heart. The prayer flags placed on the bridge are a gesture to give you strength to go on.



Wind So Wild

The fiercely moving flags tell us a different story than the calm looking mountains in the background. Would you take the risk to test the wind here? The photographer with the F11 Pro took this stunning picture capturing the speed and stability in one shot.


A Glimpse Of Camp In The Day

Cold air and low oxygen take their toll on the climbers. Stops like these for little luxuries like napping and hot tea keep motivation and team moral going.

A Golden Sunrise

The amber over the mountain – straight out of fantasy world, is one of the most valuable memories captured with ultra-night mode on the F11 Pro

Shot On F11 Pro

It is only when you tread the arduous trek to reach the top of the world, the great Himalayan mountain range, you realize how powerful and beautiful the nature is. And with F11 Pro equipped with powerful capabilities you can capture as your memories in it's purest form with no hassle f setting the photography mode or adjustment of plethora of settings. Mt. Everest will always be cherished with these magnificent memories photographed with the F11 Pro.