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Photo and Video Hacks on Your OPPO Reno2


There are many nifty camera tools you can apply to fully utilize your OPPO Reno2 and its endless creative possibilities. The official OPPO YouTube channel is filled with guides on enjoyable features which help optimize your phone use. 

These three how-to videos are specially selected to Zoom Into Imagination with your OPPO Reno2’s quad camera system. 


Challenging Perspectives with Nighttime Reflection Shots 


Water, mirrors, and glass (like your phone!) can all be used as reflectors for stunning nighttime photography. The dynamic camera features and high resolution of the Reno2 along with a perfect angle can result in extraordinarily beautiful captures.

One option is to pour water on a surface and hold your phone camera close to the puddle of water. Then, select Night Mode and press shutter to capture your reflective shot. 

A mirror or another phone can also be used as a reflector when held up close to your camera. Simply turn on Night Mode, position the mirror near your phone’s camera, adjust the angle, and shoot! 




Using Ultra-Wide Mode to Explore Expansive Spaces 


You can make compelling use of OPPO Reno2’s Ultra-Wide Mode inside of large buildings with high ceilings. It’s ideal for interior spaces that you want to capture the entire perspective of. To use Ultra-Wide Mode: 

  • Open your camera 

  • Tap the Ultra-Wide Angle Icon 

  • Adjust the angle to include a wider perspective of the area 

  • Tap shutter and be amazed at the difference! 



Using Soloop to Easily Create and Edit Delightful Videos 


To create your video: 

  • Open the Soloop app 

  • Click “Create Video” 

  • Select the visual content you want to include and click “Import” 

  • Select a Smart Template for your video 


To edit individual clips: 

  • Select the “Trim” tab 

  • Select a clip 

  • Slide to adjust the enter-point and out-point of the clip 

  • Tap the scissors button to cut material 

  • Tap the delete button to remove any unwanted clips 

  • Add transitions between clips 


  • Select the “Filter” and “Music” tabs to add some colorful spice to your masterpiece! 

  • Finally, click the “Generate” button when you’re ready to export your video!