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#OPPOFanView Highlights – December

Happy Holidays O-fans! We received many gorgeous photo submissions this December and want to share a few of our favorites with everyone! From the streets of Mumbai to the shoreline of Darwin, Australia – we know there’s an amazing piece of OPPO photography to suit your fancy.

 Above: Shot on OPPO Reno2

If you’d like to be featured on OPPO’s Instagram page or blog, make sure to tag your prized photos with #OPPOFanView! We regularly make posts for our fans because we’re your fan, too! 



@jhakaas.launda | Arush Kanwar 

Everyone can enjoy a nice cinematic sky view, with a dense stream of light bursting out from amidst the clouds. These reflective ripples on Sukhna Lake were captured by 17-year-old aspiring photographer and cinematographer, Arush Kanwar. 


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Just Mumbai. Do you see a story or a pattern here ? Every Picture tells a story and you are free to comment your version of stories and which one is your favourite shot/s. All Shots are taken from my new Oppo A92020's Ultra Wide + Night Mode. A very deadly combination. Loved the shots and doesn't llose details on post processing. Edited on @lightroom #Shotonoppo @oppo @oppomobileindia #OppoFanview #Shotonphone #mumbai #maharashtra #india . . #streetsofmumbai #streetsofindia #_soi #_soimumbai #mymumbai #aamchimumbai #cityofdreams #midnightinmumbai #nustaharamkhor #maibhisadakchap #moviescenes #bombay #marinedrive #indiapictures #travelrealindia #storyofthestreet #nightlife #streetphotographyindia #myspc #indiaspc #streetsansfrontieres #streets_storytelling #oph #everydayindia

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@visionbyumang | Aamchi Mumbai 

The story of Mumbai. 

Visionbyumang makes amazing use of OPPO A9’s Ultra-wide Mode and Night Mode to capture this series of Mumbai street life shots.  


“Do you see a story of pattern here?” 


He challenges you to find your unique perspective on this series.  

Most of the featured shots have incredibly still elements that seem to be halted in time, despite the function of the subjects captured being intended for movement and transport. Walkways, escalators, and busy roads – all of which combine to create a gripping feeling of intense stillness. 



@imjsnprtll | Jason Portillo 

Jason Portillo shows off some adorable shots of his pup, Chico. Chico has entrancing round, blue-green eyes, white and brown spotted fur, and looks incredibly peaceful while resting in his bed. Most of Jason’s IG feed is filled with radiant pictures of nature and with friends.  



@thegirlwithshorts | Trieste, Italy 

Castello di Miramare in Trieste, Italy, overlooking the seaside. 



@troppography | Darwin, Northern Territory AUS | Andrew Permezel 


Andrew Permezel’s enchanting seascape view is interestingly composed to draw the focus to the rocks in the center and the illuminated water that surrounds it. This shot is attentively positioned according to the rule of thirds to  create contrast between three sections – the dark and gloomy skies at the top, the brighter middle section of snowy mountain-like clouds, and a bottom section of shimmering water and stone, where the subject lies. Andrew’s composition skills enhanced this seemingly insignificant rocky focal point to a status of extraordinary presence. 

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