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OPPO to release new film short to demonstrate Reno2’s Ultra Steady Video mode

November 21st, 2019, SHENZHEN – OPPO is set to launch a new film short titled “Running for Two” on November 28. The short tells an uplifting story about father-daughter marathon training, and how technology, specifically the Reno2 and its Ultra Steady Video function, helps people to better share these beautiful moments in life.


The intent is to show that even though life doesn’t stand still, your technology can help you to be still. OPPO’s anti-shake feature allows you to capture the perfect steady shot, even during life’s shaky moments. Just imagine how it could better capture those special and unpredictable holiday moments this upcoming season!


Story highlights how technology bridges the divide

In this heartwarming video, you see a woman running in her father’s footsteps as she trains for a marathon. She sends video chats to her dad to share her progress. Running in the rain, through city and countryside terrains, or when hitting “the wall”, you’d expect the video to be shaky – but there’s no blur, no movement. It does not distract from the purpose of the calls: sharing a special moment with her father.

The short champions the act of sharing, from the little special moments we encounter each day to the glory of a marathon win – all moments that technology has empowered us to share with even greater ease. The film’s portrayal of Reno2’s Ultra Steady Video function demonstrates how exceptionally clear and smooth the video quality can be –, underlining how users can rely on the new handset to ensure those extraordinary moments caught on film will not be marred by shaky or blurry footage.


The Thinking behind the Production

“The Reno2 video stability capability is really impressive, it’s exciting to be able to tell that story,” said Chris Sisarch, director of this film and who also worked on OPPO’s successful “Seize the Night” film. “I really like the fact that the phone (technology) is bridging the geographical gap between the daughter and her dad. It actually brings them closer together and helps to encourage and foster their relationship. You could even say it helps to 'keep it stable’.”

The director wanted to create a short that radiated a positive and progressive lifestyle of connectedness and improving your performance - qualities that would also reflect OPPO’s outlook and brand mission. The film’s beautiful and cinematic feel resulted from the use of observational wide shots, to create a rich sense of place and space, as well as the close ups on the characters’ faces that allow audiences to intimately experience their emotions.

In terms of sound design, the production team mixed the song “Champion”, written by award-winning singer-songwriter James Blunt, with realistic ambient sounds to emphasize climaxes and powerful transitions. A clever combination of sound design and slower film speed were also used to immerse audiences in the daughter’s intensifying struggle as she pushes on through the very last leg of the marathon.

Reno2’s Ultra Steady Video is ideal for life’s shaky moments

OPPO’s Ultra Steady Video mode makes it easier to capture these precious moments in life. It dramatically increases the stability of videos, enabling users to capture smooth, clear videos even in life’s shakiest moments - running, skiing, skateboarding, cycling, holiday gatherings with friends and family and more. OPPO combines both Electronic Image Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization, a powerful combo that compensates users’ shaky shots more accurately, and together with a 60fps frame rate, which enhances image stabilization, fluency, and overall quality.


As well as Ultra Steady Videos, the Reno2’s advanced camera unleashes even greater user creativity, supporting a 5x Hybrid Zoom, Ultra Dark Mode and more, thanks to its powerful quad camera setup (48MP + 8MP + 13MP + 2MP). Its Ultra Wide Angle lens simplifies photographing huge, epic landscapes, big group pictures and even tiny spaces, while the Ultra Night Mode delivers richly colored and well-lit photos across a range of nighttime scenes. Just imagine how these features could make your holiday pictures of that super-big family gathering or twinkling holiday lights pop!


OPPO understands that users today need a device that can empower their creativity and smoothly capture even life’s shakiest moments in stunning high quality, which makes it the ideal device to document this holiday’s unforgettable moments or must-have holiday gift for 2019.

For more information, please check out: www.OPPO.com