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#OPPOFanView Highlights – November

We saw plenty of epic #OPPOFanView submissions this month on Instagram, from locations around the world, including India, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and our recent trip to snowy Finland. Want to be featured on our official Instagram page or in our blog articles? Be sure to share your favorite photos and videos with #OPPOFanView! To become a part of our community of creators, all you need to do is pick up your OPPO device and create! Let’s admire a few of November’s highlights together! 


Recently, we hosted “The Other Journey” in Finland with some of our favorite Instagram photographers and vloggers. Our team captured some amazing shots of the Laplands wilderness, snowy structures, and adorable animals. 


Which direction are you from? In one concise image, we can see divergent paths that stretch across the globe – it really makes you contemplate the vastness of our world. 

Credit: @julesandthewild 


Next, we travel to Thailand, where @soaipham is found gazing at the Huế City Hiển Nhơn Gate. 



@stephanie_tn travelled to Japan, where she showed off incredible use of 10x zoom on OPPO Reno, for a grand view of Mount Fuji! Her post includes four different zoom levels for different perspectives of the gargantuan mountain! 


@stephanie_tn was last seen “Lost. Somewhere.” This image of Stephanie in an Indonesian desert has a somewhat mind-bending angle and applies masterful use of Reno’s 10x zoom function.  


From India, we find this extraordinary mirror shot of a Mumbai seaside, where the reflection makes sky and sea merge as one. 

“Sky above, sand below, soothing sunset and peace within me. ❤” @anvish15 


Explore the OPPO Fan View community here and keep submitting your photos. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram!