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OPPO Design Workshop In Philippines Explores OPPO's Design Language and Immersive User Experience


June 13, 2019, Manila — Right before the much-anticipated OPPO Reno series launch in the Philippines, OPPO held a workshop to introduce the design concept of its new product series in Manila. The OPPO Reno series, with its real panoramic screen heritage from the FIND X and other brilliant design features, is destined to make a big bang in the market. Industrial design has been a key driver that pushed OPPO forward over the past decade. This led OPPO to propel into becoming one of the top 5 global smartphone brands and receive immense support from over 250 million users across 40 markets.


Panoramic screen is the modern form of premium smartphone user experience

The most notable characteristics of the upcoming Reno series is the Panoramic Screen with the unique Pivot Rising Camera design.


Smartphones no longer exist just as communication devices. Entertainment has now become a strong component of smartphones. Thus, OPPO being a visionary in the smartphone industry, introduced the widest display screens starting with Find X and now with Reno achieving a 93.1% screen-to-body ratio. OPPO smartphones always guarantee a full immersive panoramic viewing experience. May it be for navigation, streaming or gaming, the users are in for a thrilling visual immersion. OPPO believes the real panoramic screen is the modern form of premium user experience.


OPPO is determined to carry on the exploration to enable more users to enjoy the technology. In April, OPPO has extended this premium experience to its best-selling F series, the F11 Pro, and in June, the upcoming Reno series. To date, OPPO has already accumulated over 450 patents on this technology alone.


OPPO sets the bar for smartphone design  

OPPO doesn’t see smartphones as just a communication tool, but works of art. Every detail of the Reno series speaks the new OPPO design language, from central axis, colour selection, G3 curved and the overall borderless design in hardware and software.


l  Central axis:

OPPO’s design follows the art of balanced beauty. On the back cover of F11 Pro and Reno series, they both demonstrate this design feature. For instance, the Reno series aligns the rear camera, the text ‘Designed by OPPO’ and the OPPO logo all specifically on the same axis. This central axis design is inspired by some of the infamous architecture like The Louvre in France and the Taj Mahal in India.

l  Gradient color selection:
The use of color is next iconic feature for users to recognize OPPO design. From partial monochrome gradients, to overall body gradients, from double to triple gradient colors, shows that OPPO is leading the gradient trend in the industry.

l  G3 Curved:

The comfortable handgrip of the F11 and Reno series is specifically crafted for users for a better hands-on experience, especially for young people who can enjoy watching videos and playing games on the phone all day without aching hands.

l  Borderless Design:

Finally, borderless design is showcased in both hardware and software in OPPO products. In FIND X and Reno series, OPPO pushes the limit to eliminate the bezels as much as possible for the full screen experience. And for software, OPPO’s latest ColorOS 6.0 is optimized and dedicated to compliment the full screen experience, making the overall layout to the whole system feels lighter and more comfortable, both visually and interactively.


Behind the scenes: OPPO’s founder and its design philosophy

“All OPPO's products should be exquisitely designed artworks with styles,” said CEO and founder of OPPO, Tony Chen, who is deeply influenced by his craftsmanship family and developed his own taste in aesthetics. From the very beginning, he has already envisioned smartphones as artwork and deeply cultivated this vision into OPPO’s design philosophy.


Therefore, OPPO has set up a team of over 100 industrial designers based in Shenzhen, Shanghai and London. When OPPO decides on creating a new smartphone, the team will break into small groups and brainstorm to come up with various proposals for internal competition. Then, to work collaboratively with structure engineers from OPPO’s in-house factories and the supply chain in synergy, bringing the chosen design concepts to life. From designing, to creating prototypes, to finally breath in a life with cutting-edge technologies, beauty always takes precedence over everything during the whole process. Finally, the product must pass over 130 rigid quality tests to ensure the stylish artwork is strong enough for daily usage.


As OPPO embarks on a new chapter with Reno series, OPPO aspires to be the artist of smartphone industry that will bring more creative products to the young people, inspire everyone to explore further and envision a brighter future.

 Pictured: OPPO Industrial Designer Sophie Xie in Manila for OPPO's design workshop


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About OPPO

OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since launching its first smartphone - “Smiley Face” - in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology in 10 years. Today, OPPO provides customers with a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and Reno series, ColorOS operating system, as well as internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO operates in more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 research centers worldwide and an international design center in London, OPPO’s more than 40,000 employees are dedicated to creating new experiences and greater value for customers around the world.