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OPPO Creators Award 2019 to Announce Reno Photography Prize Winners by End-July


Picture: @NWNatives photo of Mount Fuji while on our Creators Award's 'Another Journey' tour of Japan with OPPO Reno.

The deadline for submissions in the 2019 OPPO Creators Award has passed. At the end of July, the names of 17 lucky winners will be revealed. Their work, showcasing fresh new perspectives in smartphone photography courtesy of the OPPO Reno, will be recognized with cash prizes, entry into a talent program, a Shanghai exhibition, and more. 


Until then, outstanding entries in five categories– Your Creativity, Your Night, Your World, Your People, Your Perspective–can be viewed on the official Instagram account @OppoSeeBeyond. Below, find just a few of the dazzling entries tagged #SeeBeyondWithOPPO. 



This shot of pastel-gradient architecture, submitted online, was accompanied by the comment, "Rainbow Village may be a place of visual fatigue, but I like this fascinating color." 

Another web submission found inspiration in the shapes and colors of a more natural backdrop, contrasted with a bright red kimono. 



Instagram user @urbanentdecker found the perfect angle to capture the harmony of these geometrically sculpted apartment terraces. 



“Yunling family” put their food on the line in order to capture the fine detail and dynamism of a seagull mid-flight. 




Another entry from China, courtesy of Wang Pengpeng, perfectly encapsulated Shanghai’s iconic Oriental Pearl Tower as well as the cluttered skyline of its side streets in one image. 




In his work “Lanterns,” Instagram user @ericube23 caught a high-contrast photograph of a Japanese alley at night. 




After our panel of expert judges have cast their votes, two grand prize winners will receive $7,500 each for their entries, plus a chance to receive expert master classes in photography and be exhibited in Shanghai. Another 10 winners will get $1,500 as well as the above benefits, while a special jury prize awards five additional winners with an OPPO Reno 10x Zoom phone and eligibility for the talent program. 


In addition to prizes, last month we rewarded the 2018 winners of the contest with an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan. 


There, art photographer Alessio Albi found beauty in the details of an iridescent umbrella, while Luigi Sutera experimented with a dramatic perspective on a simple reflection. Both images were taken using the Reno 10x Zoom, which all 18 winners received compliments of OPPO. 




We can’t wait to see what 2019’s creators have to show us. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners at the end of this month.