Smart selfieFull screen

A.I. Beauty recognition technology

Based on a global image database of human faces, the A83’s smart camera can recognize your gender,
age, skin tone and skin type, then precisely refine 200+ facial feature spots, so as to capture the real you.

8MP front camera
13MP rear camera

Powered by a built-in artificial intelligence technology and beautify algorithm, the A83’s 8MP front camera
brings out your photogenic best.The 13MP rear camera, in “Ultra-HD” mode, can take multiple shots to create
a 50MP photo automatically.

5.7’’ HD+  Full screen

The 5.7" full screen, featuring 1440x720 pixels, is aesthetically fitted within a narrow frame and is visually
immersive, whether you are flipping through e-books, watching videos or playing games.

Curved surface

Inspired by the curved exterior of the airfoil, the A83 is designed to combine visual slimness and a comfortable
feeling in the hand. The curve is honed from countless design calibrations to arrive at its elegant look and feel.

3GB RAM + Octa-Core CPU

The 3GB RAM and Octa-Core CPU (up to 2.5 GHz) ensure smoother gaming and multitasking, with 40%
increased function performance. Meanwhile, overall energy consumption is reduced.

Speedy facial

Facial unlock offers convenience especially
when your hands are wet or wearing gloves.
The phone will be immediately unlocked
when you put your face in the front of the
front camera.

*Face recognition is less secure than pattern code and digital pass code.

3180mAh battery

A83 is equipped with a massive 3180mAh battery that allows phone use for more than 13hr 30min*. It also
provides a fast and safe charging experience.

*Experimental data in average.

ColorOS 3.2, Android 7.1

The latest interface based on Android 7.1 embraces more human and features speedy optimization. O-share
ensures that file transmission between OPPO devices has speeds up to 100 times faster than Bluetooth. The
split screen enables you to run two apps simultaneously e.g. Whatsapp and YouTube.ColorOS 3.2 takes away
the gaming frustration, by offering a choice of whether to answer a call or continue with the game.


الطول 150.5mm
العرض 73.1mm
السُّمك 7.7mm
الوزن about 143g
أبرز المواصفات
اللون Champagne,Black
نظام التشغيل ColorOS 3.2, based on Android 7.1
المعالج MT6763T
المعالج الرسومي ARM Mali G71 MP2 770MHz
البطارية 3180mAh(Typ)
الرام 3GB
التخزين 32GB (مع إمكانية الزيادة إلى 256GB)
النوع TFT
الألوان 16 مليون
شاشة اللمس دعم اللمس المتعدد, شاشة لمس من نوع Capacitive
مستشعر الكاميرا الخلفية 13-ميجابيكسل
المستشعر الأمامي 8-ميجابيكسل
فلاش فلاش من نوع LED
فتحة العدسة f/2.2 لكلا الكاميراتان
الترددات FDD B1/3/5/7/8
TDD B38/40/41
WCDMA B1/5/8
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
GPS يدعم
بلوتوث 4.2
Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n
OTG يدعم
NFC لا يدعم




Light sensor

Proximity  sensor

Accelerator sensor

محتويات العلبة



Micro USB cable


SIM ejector tool



الرقم المسلسل للمنتج
ملاحظات إضافية

In order to make the front view of the phone more concise, we have hidden the light sensor at the top of the screen. Films with poor light transmission, such as color or darkness, may have the possibility of blocking the light-receiving holes and affect the normal use of the mobile phone.  

You can refer to the design draft of OPPO original phone case and screen protector to see the specifications. 

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الطول 150.5mm
العرض 73.1mm
السُّمك 7.7mm
الوزن about 143g