Brand-new Visual Design

A Warm and Friendly Screen

ColorOS 5.0 comes with a brand-new design that is easy on the eyes. The graduated colors are warm yet crisp, intoxicating yet comforting, and best of all, inviting and soothing at the same time. From home page to app icons, font sizes to background colors, the interface system has been given an innovative refresh with the use of light, color, texture, shape, and animation while staying true to itself.

New Navigation Gesture

For Better Full
Screen Experience

Accompanying the bigger screen is a series of vastly improved navigation shortcuts. Swipe, flick, drag, and tap – the whole software universe will be on call with these simple gestures for an unrivalled true full screen experience.

The Navigation Gesture demo above is for reference only. Actual Navigation Gesture may differ slightly. Please refer to the actual product manual for details.

Full Screen Multitasking

Immersive Experience in
Full Screen Phone

The new Full Screen Multitasking can hold app icons or notification bubbles, so you can still read and reply to messages without interrupting your games or videos, as they go app-in-app.

*The Full Screen Multitasking is available for Super Full Screen, and it supports WhatsApp, Messenger,
Line and WeChat, but may differ between countries or ColorOS versions.

*The Full Screen Multitasking is available for Super Full Screen, and it supports WhatsApp, Messenger, Line and WeChat, but may differ between countries or ColorOS versions.

Assistive Ball

One Tap to
What You Need

The new Assistive Ball makes you enjoy the full screen better. Going to upper level page, home screen, screenshot or locking the phone now can be done with a tap of the Assistive Ball. You can even customize it with your preferences.

Photo Editing Tools

Make It Just the Way You Like It

With ColorOS 5.0, you can further enhance your photos even if you are not a master at editing. The user-friendly editing tools help you to create perfect pictures, just the way you like it. With ten features including beautification, auto-enhancement, filters, and more your post-edit album will be one to be proud of.

AI Album

Find Your Photos Effortlessly

Forget the need to sift through thousands of photos with the ColorOS 5.0 Album feature. Powered by AI Recognition, your photo library is automatically sorted into collections based on People, places, and etc. Search and indulge in sweet memories for you to recall at the drop of a hat with the help of a tag.

Memories and Video Editing

More Precious

The new Memories feature helps you to recall those precious moments in your life. By intelligently selecting and putting photos and videos based on people, places, holidays, events, and etc., the Memories generates a Memory Video for you. You can edit the video further and make it more cinematic.

Al Photo Management

More Memory Space

The ColorOS 5.0 system helps you to save precious memory capacity by only keeping the best photos. It can intelligently identify the clearest snaps amidst a cluster of similar photos and suggest that you delete the rest. What’s more, it can also remind you to trash photo bursts that may be taking up excessive memory.

Screen Recording

Record Your

Winning the game, or doing something extraordinary on your phone, now can be shared with others with the Screen Recording. With a simple tap, your heroic moments in the game is saved in your phone.

App Shortcut


Not only does ColorOS 5.0 make everything on the screen look better, operations are smoother and easier to manage. With App Shortcut, the new interface is a breeze to handle.

Clone Phone

Moving Files Effortlessly

Clone Phone can quickly move all the data sorted on the old phone, including albums, contacts and apps, to the new phone. Never again will you need to worry about losing files.

Speedy Facial Unlock

More Secure

Your phone knows you like no other, thanks to its advanced AI Recognition Technology using 128 recognition points to identify your unique face. All you need to do is look at the screen to unlock it securely and quickly.

Apps and Files Protection

Safety Comes First

ColorOS 5.0 comes with greater protection from unwanted access to all your personal data. Put your confidential files in a password protected Safe Box, hide selected apps from public view and safeguard your personal information from third-party apps for greater security.