Light, Beautiful, Designed for You

Keeping up with the current trends and mainstream aesthetics, while adding in a touch
of artisanship, we have created a design with simplicity in mind.

Faster Than Ever

As a result of various system optimizations aimed at improving
efficiency, ColorOS 3.0 is 25% faster than ColorOS 2.1.

Fast App Launching

We have optimized 150 common scenarios according to user habit research. For example, our Photos app now launches
32% faster, and the launcher now loads 35% faster.

Launch Launch Dialing Weather Clean up Calculator Music Compass

Improved Data Processing

Data processing has been improved in our most common apps, like
Phone, Contacts, Messages, Search and Files. Searching contacts using
the dialpad for example is 50% faster now.

Rapid App Installation

Apps now install around 41% faster.

40% Longer Battery Life

ColorOS 3.0 is optimized to reduce the battery comsumption. You device will
not only charge really fast, but it will also have a long lasting battery life.

Personalized Clearing

Automatically clearing background apps,
according to your habits.

Sleep Power Saving

When the screen is off, your phone will automatically monitor all power
consuming activates and kill apps with abnormal power consumption

Data Saving

When using the phone, apps running in the background will be
frozen to save both battery and data.

Staying Safe

ColorOS 3.0 is designed to keep your device safe.
With a variety of built-in features, it can easily
protect your privacy and defend against viruses
on your phone.

Privacy Protection

Set private contacts, apps and files to protect them from
unauthorized access.

App Permission Management

Monitor app permission requests conveniently to
protect your privacy.

Virus Scanning

Our new virus scanning feature uses an anti-virus engine from Avast to
monitor, detect and defend against viruses on your phone.

System Level Security Protection

Once logged in with your password protected Google account,
thieves won't be able to access your data without your Google login,
even after reinstalling your operating system