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OPPO F Series: Keeping up the promise with upcoming addition to the portfolio

Current consumer demography is dominated by Generation Z who considers products and services as a mode of happiness. This generation care more about functional benefits, clarity of values a product may offer and spending for new adopting new products is a big driver for their happiness. OPPO, being a consumer first brand, has been prioritizing over new innovations catering the need of different generations. Generation Z being a dominating consumer group, has been able to capture much of OPPO’s attention in terms of product innovation. 

Considering the moderate purchasing power, OPPO has developed an era-defining smartphone named as F series. F Series came into existence in January 2016. With announcement of OPPO F1, F1Plus, F1s the brand laid the foundation of era defining smartphone series that contributes in developing one of a kind digital persona of its users. 

There has been growing trend for selfie shots and OPPO fuelled this trend by launching new series expert in taking selfie shots. The legacy continued with OPPO F3 and F3 Plus with dual selfie camera that includes a wide lens option for group selfies. In October 2017, OPPO launched the F5 and F5 Youth. Both phones are the first OPPO smartphones to feature a Face ID system. Both phones are sized with a 6.0-inch display while the F5 Youth is with a 6.0-inch display and sported with a 20MP front camera and 16MP rear camera.

With the launch of F7 and F7 Youth, OPPO introduces artificial intelligence technology in front camera that can enhance the quality and color grading of the photo output. Starting from F7, OPPO emphasized more on artificial intelligence and reduced the rate of distortion and ensure vibrant and lively color in photos.

With the growing popularity of content platforms like Netflix, OPPO started emphasizing on maximum body-to-screen ratio for users who tends to use smartphone as their entertainment solution. OPPO F9 and F9 Pro housed water drop notch display ensuring 93.8% body-to-screen ratio smartphone with a 25MP selfie camera.

In 2019, the social media behavior shifted towards an ‘everyone’s a star among the friends and followers’ trend. To cater this new need for ‘instagramable’ snaps. There has been a growing need for smartphone camera that can capture insta-perfect shots in every possible condition. To cater this growing need, OPPO introduced OPPO F11 and F11 Pro with ‘brilliant portrait’ camera. 

With the launch of these two new marvels from OPPO F series, the brand has shifted its focus from selfies only, rather they took the game to the new domain of portrait photography. With rising camera platform in OPPO F11 Pro, smartphone screen gained a new height of full screen display.

As the new decade have started, OPPO have already hinted they are about to bring revolutionary changes in the value that a smartphone generates for its users. It is anticipated that a new member of OPPO F series, the OPPO F15 is about to hit the Bangladeshi market soon. With the legacy of promises that OPPO has already laid with its mid-range F series, users can certainly keep their fingers crossed for the upcoming member of OPPO F series smartphones.