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AI-enhanced camera
Capture the true beauty

To breathe more life into photos, OPPO worked with Sony to customise a new flagship sensor, the IMX519. IMX519 comes with a significantly larger photosensitive area and more powerful processing capabilities so that your portraits stand out.

Portrait Mode

OPPO R15 Pro is equipped with a new and unique 3D lighting technique for artistic portraits so that the photo you take can convey a compelling story on its own.

AI Scene

For the first time, OPPO introduces AI Scene Recognition technology for the R15 Pro. It can identify up to 120 scenes in order to identify the environment and adjust features such as lighting and contrast accordingly. In essence, this is your personal "photography technique consultant".

AI Beauty
Technology 2.0

Based on the first generation of AI Beauty, the R15 Pro further enhances the accuracy of face recognition, and intelligently analyses the user in terms of gender, age, skin colour, skin texture, face shape, and pupil characteristics in order to enhance the complexion and selfie clarity.

AI-enhanced camera
Capture the true beauty
Learn more about the camera


Super Full Screen
Broaden your view

OPPO R15 Pro makes a breakthrough in full screen development as it is equipped with a 6.28 inch and a 19:9 full screen display with an ultra-wide visual field

6.28 Inches
Super Full Screen

With a screen ratio of 89%, the R15 Pro now has a vast screen ratio among OPPO devices. The 19:9 full screen makes the front panel of the device look like one whole display.

Glass Surface
Enveloped in
Streaming Colors

The glass surface offers a soft and comfortable feeling in your hand, while the bold colour design infuses the glass with streaming colours, producing a dreamy gradient effect.

Water Resistant

The R15 Pro is made to be water resistant. Now, you can use the device to make calls when caught in the rain, even with heavy splashes.

Super Full Screen
Broaden your view
Learn more about the design


6GB + 128GB
Powerful performance and beyond

OPPO R15 Pro offers balanced performance and upgrades the running memory to 6GB, and storage memory to 128GB to make data processing more efficient. OPPO independently develops a game acceleration mode that optimises the player experience in mobile games.

Balanced Performance
for A Smooth Experience

OPPO R15 Pro uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor which is equipped with a Kryo™ 260 CPU. Thanks to the Adreno™ 512 GPU, graphics rendering speed increases by 30% to offer you a more fluid camera and gaming experience.

Acceleration Mode

R15 Pro includes a built-in Game Acceleration Mode that intelligently adjusts system resources to improve the operating speed of games. With 6GB of memory, you will always be one step ahead of your opponents.

NFC Mobile Payments

R15 Pro is equipped with an NFC chip to make payments more mobile and hassle-free, whether it is payment using Android Pay, your bank card, or transport card.

5 minutes charge
2 hours talking time

OPPO VOOC is an innovative solution to the battery issues in other smartphones. 5 minutes of charging supports up to 2 hours of talk time. The sizable 3430mAh battery and further optimisation of the system make for extended operating life.

ColorOS 5.0

Full screen era
New visuals, new experience

The onset of the new full screen era brings new visual experiences and reshapes the operating system. ColorOS 5.0 has been redesigned for the Super Full Screen to achieve a more user-friendly interface and seamless interaction.

Full screen era
New visuals, new experience
Learn more about the ColorOS 5.0


1. The length of screen diagonal is 6.28 inch when the four rounded corners on the screen are stretched into right angles (the actual size is smaller).

2. OPPO R15 Pro has a 20MP front camera, and 20MP+16MP for the rear camera for better user experience and imaging effects, the OPPO R15 can produce photos of about 8MP, 12MP, 16MP and 20MP when operating in different modes. The actual output of pixel shall be subject to the settings.

3. A.I. face recognition process can be done in 0.08 seconds. It doesn’t include the time to active a bright screen and camera before face recognition.

4. 5 minutes of charging supports 2 hours of talk time: Data from China Ceprei Laboratory test reports. Test environment: temperature of 20°C - 30°C, relative humidity 45%-75%, pressure of 86 - 106 kPa. Testing conditions: All applications and functions (including VoLTE voice calls) except those for normal calls are turned off with 1% power remaining in the mobile phone battery, and use a standard power adapter to charge for 5 minutes. After charging, answer a phone call for 2 hours in a black screen with call volume at 50% at a place where the available mobile phone signal is maximum. Actual talk-time may vary depending on the specific conditions of the phone.

5. The previous generation of mobile phone that mentioned in the page refers to R11s.

6. 3430mAh is typical battery values for OPPO R15 Pro.

7. Product pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. Please refer to the actual product. The data in the page came from the designed technical parameters by our company, and test data from the laboratories and from our suppliers. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.

8. OPPO R15 Pro is not a professional-grade waterproof mobile phone. The splash, water, and dust resistant performance under normal conditions reaches the IP67 level under the IEC 60529 standard according to the tests conducted within a controlled laboratory setting. The anti-splash, water resistant, and dust-proof performance is not permanent, it may decline gradually due to daily wear. Please do not charge the mobile phone when it is in damp conditions. Please refer to the User Manual for the cleaning and drying instructions. Damages caused by liquid immersion are not covered by the warranty.

AI Dual Camera
Capture your love

R15 Pro's rear camera is equipped with a dual-lens module (20MP+16MP) that can produce ground-breaking depth-of-field effects. To maximise its potential, R15 Pro is also equipped with the new IMX519 sensor.

  • Natural Light
  • Film Light
  • Tone Light
  • Rim Light
  • Bi-Color Light
  • 20MP AI Beauty Camera
    Your professional image consultant

    The OPPO AI Beauty Camera will become your "professional image consultant". With the R15 Pro, we not only upgrade the AI Beauty Technology, but also introduce a new and unique Sensor HDR Technology. Now you can shoot amazing selfies even in backlight condition.

    Sensor HDR Technology
    What you see is what you get

    For the first time, OPPO has created hardware-level support for a HDR effect - the Sensor HDR Technology. Exposure gradients are deployed within the pixels for higher dynamic range and a better imaging effect, bringing you perfect selfies even in backlight conditions.

    New AR stickers
    for more interesting photos

    R15 Pro's new AR sticker function allows you to use exciting stickers and innovative filters to show a different side of you. Now it's so easy to add some fun to your photos.

    Capture actions in slow motion
    See the world from another angle

    The rear AI Dual Camera creates breathtaking possibilities. It supports the recording of 1080p slow motion video, where you can record fun moments in your life in slow-motion to capture every single detail. If you blink, you'll still see it!

    Smarter album
    for heartwarming memories

    The new AI Photo Album system will intelligently group photos to categorise your albums with ease. It can also pick out the best photos based on people, date and location clues to generate a video with a specific storyline so that every moment becomes even more memorable and accessible.

  • Impassioned gradient colours
    - from red to black

    The best products have one thing in common, a human connection, and this can be achieved with colour. In co-operation with famed designer Karim Rashid, OPPO has applied a gradient finish to the R15 Pro, making the surface appear more organic.

    A pleasant touch
    A comfortable grip

    Unlike the icy-cold metal, glass gives a warm and comfortable feel. We take the iconic slim curve design in the R series and transform it from metal to a glass body to replicate the arched exterior with a welcomed touch and feel of smooth glass.

    Full screen gestures
    Simple and easy to use

    • Back to Home

      Swipe up from the bottom middle
      of the screen.

    • Backward

      Swipe up from the bottom
      right of the screen.

    • Multitasking

      Swipe up the bottom left of the screen.

    • Control Center

      Swipe down from the top of the screen.