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What is TouchPal on Android phone?


TouchPal Keyboard is the default keyboard on OPPO phones and many other Android devices. Developed by CooTek, this smart keyboard app uses an artificial intelligence (AI) engine and virtual assistant to make predictive typing easier and more accurate, along with 3D animated avatars and other fun features.

A former Global Champion of the GSMA Mobile Innovation Awards and Google Play Best App of 2015, TouchPal comes as standard on all OPPO smartphones. Read this guide to find out how to use TouchPal and how to personalise your Android keyboard.


What is TouchPal OPPO?

TouchPal Keyboard is an innovative keyboard app that's standard on OPPO phones. Based on the QWERTY keyboard layout and 'T+' system that assigns two letters and one symbol to each key, TouchPal is designed for efficient typing with a highly customisable layout and settings.

Features of TouchPal include:

·       Accurate text prediction – TouchPal uses a Neural Language Model (NLM) engine to autocorrect typing errors and predict word choices intelligently         based on the context.

·       Choice of input options – Tap letters on the screen or slide between letters using TouchPal Curve.

·       Customisable themes – Personalise the keyboard layout with fixed and live themes or your own images to suit your taste.

·       Customisable layout – Choose between default, undocked, one-handed and split keyboard styles to suit your own typing style.

·       AI assistant – Talia is TouchPal's AI-powered assistant, who can suggest weather forecasts, currency conversions, dining recommendations and more         based on your input.

·       AvatarMoji – Users can choose personalised 3D animated avatars, emoji cartoons and stickers to bring conversations to life.

·       BoomText – Customise animated GIFs with your own words to send more dynamic messages.

·       Clip board – Create your own keyboard shortcuts to enter common phrases without having to type them in full.


How do I enable TouchPal keyboard?


TouchPal Keyboard is already the default keyboard on OPPO phones. However, if you change your keyboard or uninstall TouchPal, you can enable it again by following these steps:


1. Download and install TouchPal Keyboard app from Google Play

2. Go to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Keyboard & Input Method] > [Current Keyboard]

3. Tap [Choose Keyboards]

4. Select [TouchPal for OPPO] from the list

5. Tap [OK]

6. Go back to [Current Keyboard]

7. Select [TouchPal for OPPO], the exit settings

8. Open [Messages]

9. Start typing a message to check that TouchPal is now your default keyboard


How do I turn on predictive text on Android?


Predictive text should already be enabled on TouchPal. If not, you can activate it and choose the settings you want by going to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Keyboard & Input Method] > [TouchPal for OPPO] > [Prediction].


·       TouchPal Curve – swipe across the keyboard to choose letters

·       TouchPal Wave – input commonly used phrases with a simple gesture

·       Predict text – the keyboard predicts your next word and offers suggestions to complete the current word

·       Correct spelling automatically – spelling mistakes are automatically corrected or flagged for attention

·       Auto saving new words, adding space, and capitalising – new words you type will be added to the dictionary, spaces will be added after words,

        and the first word of a new sentence will capitalise automatically

·       Predict emojis – the keyboard predicts what emoji you may want to use next

·       Contextual prediction – words are suggested based on the other words you're typing

·       Import contact names – the names of your contacts will be added to the keyboard dictionary

·       Learn from messages – TouchPal will pay attention to the words you use to offer personalised suggestions

·       User dictionary – add new words to the dictionary, edit existing words or backup and restore the dictionary from an SD card


How do I change my keyboard style?


You can customise the appearance of your TouchPal keyboard by tapping the TouchPal icon on the keyboard or going to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Keyboard & Input Method] > [TouchPal for OPPO] > [Look & Feel].


·       Choose a theme – TouchPal has a wide variety of fixed and live themes to choose from, with more available to download. You can also make your

        own theme or upload an image.

·       Change font size – If you prefer larger or smaller text, select [Candidate Size] in settings and choose small, normal or large.

·       Resize or reposition keyboard – Tap the TouchPal icon or go to [Candidate Size] > [Resize] in settings. Drag the arrows to adjust the height and

        width of the keyboard or move it around the screen.


How do I change the keyboard layout?


Your TouchPal keyboard can be customised to suit your personal typing and texting style. You can choose between a standard layout, undocked keyboard, one-handed keyboard or split keyboard to use both your thumbs. Choose your preferred layout by tapping the TouchPal icon on the keyboard app.


·       Normal keyboard – The default keyboard style in a fixed position.

·       Undocked keyboard – The keyboard can be dragged where you want it on the screen.

·       One-handed keyboard – Choose a left-handed or right-handed keyboard to type with one hand.

·       Split keyboard – The keyboard divides in two, enabling more rapid typing.


How do I change the keyboard language?


TouchPal supports more than 100 languages for typing and mixed language prediction. To change the default keyboard language, go to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Keyboard & Input Method] > [TouchPal for OPPO] > [Languages] and select the language you want.


To switch between languages as you type, tap the TouchPal icon on the keyboard app and select a language from the language menu. You can also change languages by swiping on the spacebar.


To add new languages to TouchPal, open the language menu and tap [Add language]. The language you choose will now be available to use.


How do I change keyboard settings on Android?


You can personalise your TouchPal Keyboard further by adjusting the settings. Tap the TouchPal icon and go to [Settings] > [Look & Feel] to modify the following settings:

  • Keypress popup - A popup   bubble will display each time you tap a key

  • Key long-press delay - Change the long-press delay time from 200ms to 1000ms

  • Keypress sound - Change or mute keypress sounds or use system default

  • Keypress vibration - Change the vibration duration for keypresses or use system default

  • Candidate size - Change the text size or keyboard size and position

  • Classic style candidate - Display more than three candidate words on top

  • Expand textbox to full screen - In landscape orientation, the keyboard will open in full screen

How do you update your Android keyboard?


Go to [Settings] > [System Updates] or [Software Updates] to check if a new version of TouchPal is available. You may also be notified if a new version is released.


To download the latest themes, buzzwords, fonts and other features, tap the TouchPal icon on the keyboard app and select [Trends] to see what's available.

How do I change from TouchPal to Android keyboard?


If you prefer to use the Android keyboard or another keyboard on your OPPO phone, you can change your keyboard option in the phone settings.

1. Go to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Keyboard & Input Method] > [Current Keyboard]

2. Tap [Choose Keyboards] and select a keyboard from the list

3. Open [Messages] and start typing a message to check that your preferred keyboard is in use


How do I get rid of TouchPal?


If you don't want to use TouchPal Keyboard on your OPPO phone, you will need to make sure you have a replacement keyboard app before disabling it.


Go to [Settings] > [Additional Settings] > [Keyboard & Input Method] > [Current Keyboard] > [Choose Keyboards] to see if other options are available, or download a keyboard app from the Google Play Store.


To disable TouchPal and block updates, complete the following steps:

1. Go to [Settings] > [Apps]

2. Open the settings menu in the top-right corner

3. Select [Show System]

4. Type 'TouchPal' to find the TouchPal app

5. Tap on the TouchPal app and select [Disable] and [Force Stop]

6. For notification settings, select [Block All]


How do I get rid of TouchPal language pack?


Disabling TouchPal on your OPPO phone will not remove any installed language packs. To do this, follow the steps above to see the full list of language packs and skin packs in the app settings list, then manually select [Disable], [Force Stop] and [Block All] for every entry.


Troubleshooting TouchPal problems


If your TouchPal Keyboard is not working, try these quick fixes.

·       Check TouchPal settings – If text prediction or other functions aren't working, tap the TouchPal icon on the keyboard app and check if these functions

        are enabled.

·       Reboot your OPPO phone – Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and drag the slider to power off the phone. Hold the Sleep/Wake button again

        until you see the OPPO logo, then check if the app is working normally.

·       Check for updates – Go to [Settings] > [System Updates] or [Software Updates] to see if there's a newer version of TouchPal available. Updates

        may fix common bugs.

·       Clear app data and cache – For ColorOS 5.0 or higher, go to [Settings] > [App Management] > [Show System Processes] > [TouchPal for OPPO]

        > [Storage Usage] > [Clear data] and [Clear Cache]. Earlier ColorOS versions may have different paths.

·       Send a bug report – If you're still having problems, tap the TouchPal icon on the app and go to [Settings] > [Help & Support] > [Bug report]. An

        email will be sent to the support team, who may be able to assist you.


Which OPPO phone has TouchPal?


TouchPal Keyboard is the default keyboard for all OPPO phones, from the affordable OPPO A3s to the premium R17 Pro and Find X.


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