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How to take a screenshot on OPPO Android Mobile


Taking a screenshot on an OPPO mobile is very useful in a lot of situations. For example to take a screenshot from a friend Snapchat’s or memorise significant information seen on the internet. Do not worry; whatever type of OPPO smartphone you have, taking a screenshot is quick and simple. This blog article shows you different ways to take a screenshot on an OPPO mobile phone in 2019.


The different ways to screenshot with your OPPO phone are:


1.      Use Android's universal screenshot feature

2.      Use OPPO's unique swipe function

3.      Use a third party screenshot app

Take a screenshot on OPPO smartphone


Find out how to take a screenshot using all three methods below, so you can choose the option that's easiest for you.


1. Take a screenshot using Android soft keys on your OPPO phone


If you've used an Android phone before, you'll probably already know how to take a screenshot on Android.


Most modern Android phones have a universal screenshot feature that uses the same soft keys across different makes and models. Whether you're using an OPPO F1, R9 or any other model, the process is the same.


To take a normal screenshot with your OPPO phone:


1.      Find what you want to capture

2.      Press and hold both the power button + volume down at the same time

3.      The screenshot will be captured and saved to your gallery


When you take a screenshot, an animation and sound will confirm that your image has been stored on your device. You'll also get a notification telling you where you can find, edit or share the image in your gallery. These notifications can be changed in your preferences.

Take a screenshot on OPPO phone


2. Take a screenshot using OPPO swipe


If you have a more recent OPPO smartphone like the OPPO F5, A73, R11 or R15, there's another easy way to take a screenshot using a special gesture. Simply:


1.      Find what you want to capture

2.      Swipe down using three fingers

3.      The screenshot will be captured and saved to your gallery


3. Take a screenshot using a third party app


As well as using your phone's built-in screenshot functions, you can also download a screenshot app. These sometimes have extra features enabling you to crop captured images, capture a longer scrolling image, or to record what's on your screen as a video.

If you're using a third party app, check the app's instructions to find out how to take a screenshot on OPPO.

 Settings screenshot OPPO with 3 FingersScreenshot OPPO with 3 Fingers

How to record the screen

Sometimes, you might want to take more than a still image. Newer smartphones including OPPO R11s, R15 and R15 Pro can also take screencasts, if you want to record a video of what's happening on your screen.


To record your screen, you'll need a screen recorder app. These can be found in the Google Play store. You can start and stop a recording using the app and edit the video if needed using your phone's video editor.


Where are my screenshots?


Every time you take a screenshot on Android, it goes to your device's gallery. A folder named 'screenshot' is automatically created when you take a screen capture.


Why doesn't screenshot on Android work?


It can take some practice to get used to taking a screenshot on Android. If you're using the Android soft keys method, you need to:


1.      Press both buttons at exactly the same time

2.      Keep them pressed for half a second


If you press either button too soon, you could turn off the display or cause the volume slider to appear in your screenshot. You'll hear a sound and receive a notification when a screenshot is successfully captured.


If you're having trouble using Android soft keys, try to swipe down with three fingers on your OPPO phone instead. You can also download a screenshot app.


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