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How to Shoot on OPPO R17 Pro


How to Shoot on OPPO R17 Pro | OPPO Australia


The OPPO R17 Pro is the latest flagship smartphone in OPPO's camera focused R-range. Find out how to shoot the perfect selfies and scenes with OPPO Australia.

How to shoot on OPPO R17 Pro


The latest release in OPPO's camera-focused R-range for Australia, the OPPO R17 Pro is the ideal camera phone for everyday selfies, travel snaps or professional photography.


OPPO's flagship smartphone includes multiple lenses, sophisticated sensor technology, AI enhancements and new beauty and night modes that make it easier than ever to capture perfect photos.


The OPPO R17 Pro camera phone features:


·        25MP front camera with 24 million photosensitive units and a F1.5/F2.4 Smart Aperture that adjusts automatically to maximise light and minimise glare


·        Triple rear lenses – 20MP, 12MP and 0.43MP Time of Flight (TOF) lens


·        Custom IMX519 sensor and Sensor HDR technology opening up a larger photosensitive area and greater dynamic range


·        91.5% screen ratio on a 6.4-inch Gorilla Glass screen for uninterrupted views and clarity


·        AI Beauty Technology 2.0, AI Scene Recognition, AI Ultra-clear Engine and Ultra Night Mode offer superb results in all light conditions


·        Video recording up to 4K @ 30fps and slow motion up to 1080p


·        New AR stickers, filters and O-mojis to play within selfies and videos



How to take a selfie


The OPPO R17 Pro's 25MP AI Beauty Camera acts as your personal beauty consultant. When you choose the modes and filters you like, the AI learns from experience and will automatically suggest options to help you take more satisfying selfies.


To take a selfie using your R17 Pro:


1. Launch the Camera app


2. Check you're using the 25MP front camera


3. Choose a photo mode – standard, square format or full screen


4. Turn on the flash if you're indoors


5. Turn on Front-3 HDR if you're in bright sunlight or shade


6. Set any filters you want, with live previews showing you the results


7. Activate Beauty Mode and choose from 6 beautification levels


8. Add AR stickers for fun photos


9. Set the capture timer if you want time to get into the picture


10. Tap the shutter button to take your photo


How to shoot a scene


Whether you're a budding photographer or a pro, OPPO's new AI Scene Recognition technology makes it easy to capture breathtaking scenes exactly as you see them. This software analyses the scene you're shooting and compares it to 120 types of scenes to adjust the lighting, contrast and other attributes for perfect realism.


To shoot scenes on the OPPO R17 Pro:


1. Check you're using the triple lens rear camera


2. Use landscape orientation


3. Turn on HDR to combine multiple exposures for enhanced detail


4. Turn on Dazzle Color or Super Vivid mode for enhanced colours


5. Turn on Expert Mode if you want precise control over white balance, shutter speed and other features


6. If you're shooting at night or in low light, turn on Ultra Night Mode to see the difference


7. Try filters with live previews to see which is the best fit for your scene


8. If you need to zoom, full resolution is maintained at 1x and 2x zoom


9. To take a panorama, choose PANO and tap the shutter button to start and stop


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