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How to Shoot O-moji on OPPO R17 Pro


Do you want to add a sense of fun and personality to your SMS messages and chats? One of many new features that debuted in the OPPO R17 Pro is O-mojis, OPPO's AI-enhanced sticker mode that lets you choose from a wide selection of animated characters and even design your own.


O-mojis capture your facial expressions, movements and voice in real-time animation, giving you the freedom to be anything you want. This new feature is available on the OPPO R17 Pro and other upcoming OPPO smartphones running ColorOS 5.2.


How to use O-mojis


The R17 Pro's 25MP AI Beauty Camera can track facial movements and expressions to a high degree of accuracy and apply these to the 3D animated avatar of your choice. Live previews let you see the results as they happen before you send them as a message.


To create an O-moji message on your OPPO phone:


1. Launch the Camera app

2. If you need to switch to the front camera, tap the icon in the lower left of the screen

3. Choose Sticker mode

4. Select O-moji

5. Choose the character you want to be

6. Add any filters or other enhancements you want

7. Record your message with live previews

8. If you're happy with the result, save or send the message


Create your own custom O-mojis


OPPO's new ColorOS 5.2 operating system has a range of existing O-moji character templates to choose from, from cute cat, donkey, zebra and penguin faces to dragons and many more. If you want to send something more unique that expresses your personality, you can also create your own custom O-mojis.


Choose 'Create your own character' and the 25MP phone camera will scan your face and create a 3D animated version that you can customise by modifying your hairstyle, skin tone, clothes and accessories. You can save as many different O-mojis as you want of yourself, friends and family.


Your OPPO smartphone will automatically create 12 reaction gifs using your custom O-mojis that you can share in chats, conversations and on social media.


Stickers and beauty filters


As well as O-mojis, you can enhance your chats and conversations with an extensive selection of AR stickers and frames. On the OPPO R17 Pro, open the Camera app and go to Sticker > Stickers to see the full selection or download more.


If you're not using O-mojis or stickers, the R17 Pro's AI Beauty Camera lets you enhance your selfies to get the perfect picture. Select Beauty Mode for face slimming, makeup, skin tones and more customisable beauty levels with live previews. Your AI camera phone will learn what you like the more you use it, helping you to snap more satisfying selfies.


Equipped with a Sony IMX576 sensor and F/2 Smart Aperture, the R17 Pro's 25MP front camera can reduce glare and improve detail if you're taking selfies against backlight. If you're taking photos at night or in low light conditions, switch to the F1.5/F2.4 Smart Aperture rear camera to maximise light and clarity.


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